Hi! I am so happy you are here! My name is Liz Mosley and I am a Graphic Designer based in London. Here on my website you can see examples of some of my work and also follow along with some of my creative adventures on the blog.

I grew up in South Wales and have always loved drawing and making, but it was in school when I really fell in love with all things creative. I was inspired by artists like David Hockney and Chuck Close and loved experimenting with photography, sculpture and with all sort of mark making techniques and so the decision to go to Art college was an easy one. My foundation course was one of the best years of my life…having the opportunity to experiment and learn so much got me hungry for more. I used to spend hours making the layouts of my sketchbooks perfect and so I guess it makes sense that I decided to specialise in Graphic Design and I figured it would also incorporate my love of illustration and photography. Next step was a BA in Graphic Design at University College Falmouth.  I spent 3 incredible years studying in stunning surroundings and building a strong foundation for my design career.

After university I decided although I loved cornwall, I missed city life…so I packed my bags and headed of to New York for an internship with Hora Associates. 

New York stole my heart, but sadly I couldn’t stay for ever so decided that if it couldn’t be NYC London was where I wanted to be. I have now been living and working in London for 5 years and have gained so much experience working in the design industry both agency and in-house and also in a freelance capacity.

Although  I am currently a full time designer working in-house I often take on freelance projects in my spare time, so if you would like to contact me about working on a job for you or just want to chat and find out more about what I do, feel free to email me on lizmmosley (at) gmail (dot) com.

I seriously love typography and page layouts but also love experimenting with my camera and getting out a paint brush. Hand drawn and inked type is what really gets me going. (see my etsy shop) I started the blog to gather together lots of things that inspire me and also some of the things I am working on…I hope you enjoy checking it out and getting a healthy regular dose of creative inspiration.

If you want to get to know me more you can see what I am up to on instagram, see what I am wittering about on twitter or see what is getting me excited on pinterest. I love making new internet friends so feel free to get in touch!  

In no particular order I thought I would share a few (the full list would be pretty extensive) of the creative people who have been inspiring me recently. Click on the links for some serious treats for your eyes: