Little Loves // 08

This week was full of colour. Going back to work was a bit of a shock to the system but I had a lovely weekend planned so I had a lot to look forward to. I hung out with the lovely Kate and we geeked out over paper and mattisse, ate yummy food and watched trashy films. It was pretty much the perfect saturday to be honest. Here are some of the things I loved about this past week and weekend... 1. These peonies that NM bought me from Columbia Road flower market have opened right out during the course of the week and look stunning. I love peonies.


2. I really loved this mosaic that was on the side of a primary school on Columbia Road. This is only a small portion of it, but so many of the details were really sweet.  The boxy giraffe on the left made me smile.


3. Was really inspired by the Matisse exhibition. I snuck this picture of some of his colour swatches that he used. The colours in his cut outs were so vibrant. The paper he used in his cut outs was painted with gouache by his assistants.


4. Fell in love with these sheets of wrapping paper. Sadly they were pretty expensive but they made me very happy. I would have struggled to wrap anything in them anyway because they are just too beautiful.


5. The colours of these tables and chairs outside a restaurant in Brixton Market made me smile.


6. stumbled upon this little bit of art on a wall in East London. Love the sentiment and the use of old school cassette tapes.