Tiny Tattoos

Hmm I am not really a tattoo person. I think Its just something I couldn't commit too. I worry that I would decide on something and then a year later my tastes and style would change and I wouldn't like it anymore. I have always loved the idea of having a really tiny tattoo on my wrist though, and so when I saw the work of Austin Tott featured on Designboom I was like 'ooooooooh...nice'. I love this series of photographs that he has done. I really like how the tattoos are held up in different related landscapes. It makes for a really fun and appealing series. I think my favourite in a tattoo sense is the little envelope. Anyway there won't be any tattoo's for me...but I am happy to admire other people's! You should check out more of Austin's work here...and if you are on instagram his feed is beautiful. I would recommend following along. austin_trott