2016's big adventure

Illustration used with kind permission from  Jo Waterhouse

Illustration used with kind permission from Jo Waterhouse

Something that I feel like I am always trying to work out is getting the right balance of personal posts and design/business related posts on the blog. I guess I err towards not sharing loads of personal stuff but I definitely want people to feel like they know a bit about me and the person behind this little business.  

Anyway, that is a little introduction to a very personal post today – we have a big adventure coming up this year because we are having a baby! It is definitely going to be a big change to our lives and will have a huge impact on my business and how I work as a graphic designer, so I am excited to share that journey and learning process in this space.

At the moment I flit between being really excited and also terrified which I am guessing is a pretty normal reaction. We recently had the 20 week scan and it was amazing to see our little baby on the screen again. It has been wriggling around like crazy and it's so odd when you can feel this thing living inside you. We still have a few months to do a load of jobs around the house and preparation for the business alongside fitting in a holiday just the two of us before the big life change.

I feel very blessed to have lots of beautiful friends who live near me who have had or are having babies. One of the things I was worried about was being able to juggle a baby with a creative business. I am sure it will have to change and evolve over time and I want to try and be realistic about what I can achieve but I am really determined to keep my small business going in some capacity. I am so inspired by all of the incredible creative mamas online that I follow or have been lucky enough to meet in person who make me feel confident that it is possible! (special shout out to Siobhan and Rachel who I love getting to hang out with in real life).

My plan is for the blog to continue in a similar vein to normal but I guess there will be the odd update about pregnancy and the baby's arrival and then after that hopefully some helpful posts about juggling life with a baby and a business.  Any tips from mama’s out there who are doing it would be amazing! I haven't managed to be as consistent as I would like with posting but am going to keep going and not give myself too hard a time and remind myself that I am busy growing a human!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! We are off for a weekend away with our church - so looking forward to a little country escape and spending quality time with friends.

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