Inspired by Abbey Lossing

I noticed the other day that all my 'inspired by' posts seem to be illustrators. I guess maybe it is because people are hardly ever just one thing anymore - designers are illustrators too - illustrators are amazing photographers - photographers are designers etc etc - there are just so many overlaps within creative disciplines. Anyway, it seems I tend to be drawn to share illustrations here - but in the future I might try to consciously mix it up a bit. 

Today I am totally inspired by the illustrations of Abbey Lossing. She has such a great sense of colour and I really love the palettes that she chooses for her illustrations. There is something simple but really captivating about the characters she draws and you can't help but smile when you look at them (well I can't anyway!).

She seems to have a great sense of humour, (a talented illustrator who is genuinely funny is a great combination!) which is evident in her animated gif's - they also engender feelings of endearment towards the characters in them and contain witty observations about life that we can probably all identify with! 

Check out her site too because where there is so much more of her amazing work. It was really hard to pick out a few pieces to share. She also has a shop where you can buy a couple of prints. I love it when the work of artists and creatives that I admire is available to buy so affordably. 

Hope you have a creative and inspiring week!

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