20 facts about me


A couple of weeks ago the lovely Bianca tagged me to share 20 facts about myself on instragram. I thought I would post them up here too. Lets all get to know each other better.

1. I am half Colombian, and whenever I visit I feel like why I am the way I am makes a little more sense.

2. I married my best friend and now he makes me dinner every evening. WIN.

3. My sister and I are 9 years apart in age but I feel like we should have been twins.

4. My favourite time of year is Christmas with my family.

5. I love Jesus big time, and that influences all of my decisions (hopefully!)

6. I spent 4 months in Bolivia doing construction work

7. Flowers make me very happy - especially the roses that grow in my garden.

8. I was born in Cardiff, Wales

9. I don't like tea or coffee (much to many peoples disgust)

10. I didn't have any piercings at all and then 2 years ago I got my nose peirced

11. I am 28

12. My nose wiggles when I talk

13. I work in London as a Graphic Designer

14. I love to travel and explore new places. On my wishlist right now are Iceland, Autralia, New Zealand and Croatia.

15. I love having creative and inspiring friends

16. I talk a lot in my sleep - apparently it is mostly gibberish.

17. I like the feel of paper and can often be found stroking nice paper

18. I support Arsenal but mainly just to wind up my husband who is a Tottenham fan.

19. I have a fairly serious West Wing addiction but my current favourite show is Suits

20. My favourite meal is Brunch. Preferably with my husband or friends on a lazy weekend.

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