Book Review - Make Your Mark: The Creative's Guides to Building a Business with Impact

This month I am reviewing another book from the 99U Make Your Mark series put together by Jocelyn K Glei: Make Your Mark: The Creative's Guilde to Building a Business with Impact. Last month I reviewed Manage Your Day-to-Day

I found this book a little bit harder to get into than Manage Your Day-to-Day which I couldn't get enough of and read super quickly. I think part of the reason for that was the first half of this book it really felt like it was talking about tech start ups and companies that had grown quite big and so I guess it didn't feel super relevant for my little one man band 'company'. But when I did get into it I think this book did have a lot of valuable advice and ideas. 

Like Manage Your Day-to-Day (and I am guessing the other book in this series too) It was divided up into 4 sections which then each contained articles by various authors. These sections were 1. Defining your purpose, 2. Building your product, 3. Serving your customers and 4. Leading your team.  Again the book was peppered with lots of inspiring quotes too. The one below is one of my favourites.

"Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity"

- Simone Weil – The creatives guide to building a business with impact

The bits of this book that really had an impact on me and got me thinking about how I want to run my business was section 3 about serving your customers. It got me really excited and inspired about things I can start doing now in my little business to make the customer's experience as good as possible, and as a result I am going to sit down and brainstorm ideas to make sure that when people receive products from my shop that they feel delighted that they shopped with me. 

The other bit I found really interesting was section 4 about leading a team. Now, I don't have a team right now but it made me realise that actually I would love one day to grow my business to the point that I could employ a small team. There was so much good advice for leading a team and how to inspire and nurture your team. I think this is a book that I will keep on my shelf and although some of the content didn't feel totally relevant to me right now, I think as my business grows this will be a really helpful book to come back to time and time again. 

I think what I really do love about how these books are laid out is how easy they are to dip into and how the essays are by a variety of really interesting authors and in really manageable chunks. They also have a spread at the end of each section with the key take away points from each article which is so helpful. 

All in all I would definitely recommend this book to people. I didn't get as into it as Manage Your Day-to-Day but there was a lot of wisdom packed in the pages. 

Next month won't be another book from this series..I will move onto something different. I hope you all have a great Friday and weekend!

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