Calder & Byrne


Guys I have slightly switched up my posting schedule this week, because I am so excited to share with you today the launch of a new online shop called Calder & Byrne created by the wonderful Siobhan from Bless the Weather. I am so so honoured that she is stocking some of my prints and greetings cards, and I am looking forward to working with Siobhan and Calder & Byrne more in the future. Siobhan has such great taste and so this shop is just packed full of things that I want to buy. That was pretty much Siobhan's inspiration for the shop - to create a place where you can go and buy a whole variety of items that would be great for gifts and also to treat yourself, but they are all in one place so you can kind of do a one stop shop order! I know already that this is the place I am going to be going for birthday presents and also maybe little treats for me :)

The other main goal of the shop is to support local and UK based artists, and that is kind of how Siobhan and I connected, we actually live fairly near each other! She can pretty much just come round and pick up stock when ever she wants. I love that community feel and am just so excited to support her vision for this. So seriously, support the small businesses and the one man band makers in the UK and go spend some of your pennies in Calder & Byrne! Two of the prints they are selling of mine are totally exclusive to C&B so that is the only place you will be able to find them!


All of these images are copyright Calder & Byrne.

I hope you all have a lovely Tuesday and enjoy browsing the shop

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