The past two weeks I feel like all I did was stare at a screen. A computer screen, a phone screen or a TV screen. The Olympics was on and I was hooked. All my waking hours pretty much I was either designing or watching - (sometimes both!) Its has been amazing, inspiring and to be honest I am gutted that It is over...but I think it will be good for my eyes. We actually missed some of the excitement of the last weekend because we went camping! I haven't been camping for years, but it was so nice to get out of the city and explore some places that I have not been to for years. We went to Pembrokeshire, and one of the places we visited was St Davids! It is a tiny little town that is actually a it has this incredible cathedral. I think it must be the smallest city in the world! It was stunning. Other highlights of the weekend were bbq dinner. Watching Mo win the 5000 in a fish and chip shop, swimming in the sea (freezing!) visiting Tenby and a boat trip around Ramsay Island checking out some cute seals. Seriously everyone needs to go and check out that area of the country! it is LUSH!! hopefully I can go back for more soon!

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