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Thankfulness with The Gratitude Attitude

A few weeks ago the lovely Krissie from The Gratitude Attitude sent me one of her lovely journals (we did a little product swap and I sent her some of my thank you cards and other goodies). I have heard lots of people talk about gratitude journalling and how it had helped them - and although I generally try to be as grateful for all the blessings I have as possible, it really is easy in the business of everyday to forget and take things for granted. 

I started using the journal everyday and writing down the three things I was grateful for. I have never done this before - and I think it definitely makes a difference to have to write them down. It gives you more intention - and for me writing things down always helps me to remember better. 


Interestingly the first few days I didn't really notice a difference - but I realised I was being too broad and pretty generic and was picking things that were a bit too obvious. I started off with things like being grateful for my family and our new house etc. I soon realised that I needed to get into the real details, like why am I grateful for my family - what are the little particular things that they do that make me feel loved and supported. Why am I grateful for my house. What are the specific things in the house that make my life better and happier and help me. When I started to be grateful for much smaller things that I'd easily took for granted in the past - I started to notice my mindset change, and I think my general attitude improved. 

I don't have tonnes of free time with looking after a toddler, organising redecorating our house and running a small business, and so what I love about this journal is it doesn't ask much of me. All I need to do is write down 3 things each day I am grateful for, and that takes me less than 5 minutes. When I have a bit more time it's lovely to go through the journal and read the quotes and articles and look at the beautiful artwork - but on the days I am in a rush I can just do the bare minimum. This works really well for me and feels like something that I can actually commit to - and I have on the most part. The other thing I really appreciate in the design is that it is not dated. I have tried other journals in the past that I haven't got on with so well because I just felt so guilty if I missed a day (and then because it had dates there was a blank space) - where as this diary each day is just numbered. If I missed a day (which I did miss one or two) then I just carried on where I left off and it didn't matter. 


Although I think I am only at the very beginning of my journey of being intentionally grateful and I don't think two weeks is enough to see a big change, I have started to notice my mindset shift slightly. The main thing I have noticed is that because I know each day I will be writing down three things I am grateful for that day, I seem to mull it over in the day. I spend more time in the day thinking of things I am grateful for and not just the few minutes at the end of the day that I write them down. This has definitely made me feel more positive in general and I feel like I am handling things that I find hard on a day to day basis a little bit better. I feel like there is a bit more peace, patience and calmness as I go about my day. 

Now don't get me wrong...I have a looonnggg way to go - and a lot of room for improvement in all of those areas. But I feel encouraged that I and my husband have noticed the difference in just a few weeks of practising gratitude. 

I am so excited to fill this journal up over the next year - and to then have it to look back over, almost as a record of the year and I am sure it will give me insight to what has been going on in my life. I hope that this is a new habit that I will continue for ever - and it is made so much easier by having a beautiful journal to do it. 

Krissie really has done an incredible job with the design. I have to admit that it's perfectly to my taste. All of the details have been considered - from the embossed cloth bound cover, to the bookmark ribbons. The layout is simple and clean and very easy to use but is peppered with interesting and inspiring quotes, essays and beautiful artwork. If you are the remotest bit interested in design and creativity then you will love this journal. 


As you start to think about the big event coming up in a couple of months, (ahem Christmas) consider The Gratitude Attitude journal as a perfect gift for a friend or family member. It could be someone who is going through a tough time and needs a bit of encouragement - or it could just be someone who appreciates good design and some positive thinking. 

Thank you Krissie for making something so beautiful and for putting so much positivity out into the world! 

Do you practice gratitude journalling? I would love to know if it has helped you or how it has changed you! 

How I am dealing with jealousy on Instagram

I have had a few instances recently when the ugly green eyed monster has reared its head in the context of Instagram and other people that I follow. I wasn't really doing a great job at thinking about it in a good and healthy way - so I decided to take a minute to write a list of things I could do so I'm ready to nip it in the bud next time it happens. I thought I would share it here as I am sure I am not the only one who struggles with this some times. 

Take a break from the app
Sometimes just removing yourself from the situation that is making you jealous helps. Just stop scrolling and feeding the green eyed monster - take a break, go and read a book or cook some yummy food - make something with your hands or play with your kids. Just get away and do something that doesn't involve looking at your phone. Scrolling Instagram can seriously be addictive, and although on the whole I love the app - time away is important for my happiness and well-being. 

Make a list of all the good things in your life that you are grateful for
Sometimes when I watch other people’s stories and look at their pictures and see all the fun things they are up to (bringing on feelings jealous or FOMO), I forget that some people might look at my stories and pictures and feel the same. People get jealous about different things and maybe there are aspects of my life that other people wish they had. So what I try and do is mentally or physically make a list of all the really good things in my life that I am grateful for. When I take the time to do this I can actually come up with lots of things. I don’t do this, or share my life hoping to make others jealous, but making a list and reminding myself makes me feel so grateful for what I do have, and not take any of it for granted. 

Remind yourself that you are not seeing the full picture
I am so so quick to look at others people’s lives and just assume that they are perfect. No problems, no money worries, no arguments, no heath issues. Every person that I have thought that about and then got to know, has had plenty of things that they are struggling with and working through, that you would never know from the outside looking in. I keep trying to remind myself about this when looking at Instagram. Not at all in a ‘wishing bad things on people’ sort of way, but just in a real life way. My life isn’t perfect - I argue with my husband, get frustrated with my kid, worry about all sorts of things, have health problems, struggle with some of my relationships - seriously why do I forget that everyone else is the same. Their struggles might not be the same as mine, but they will definitely have them. Sometimes people do share them online, and it's a bit of a wake up call for me. Anyway, I am going to try and remember this, but also use it to spur me on to be kind and loving to everyone online and offline, because you never know what really difficult thing they might be tackling that day.

Do something positive and productive that moves you closer to your goal
When I start to compare and get jealous of other people’s businesses or how much further ahead they are than me, I find having a think about something that I can do that takes me a step closer to my goal helps me feel inspired and motivated for my journey, instead of fixating on theirs. It could be sending an email I am scared to send about collaborating with someone, or designing a new product for my shop, maybe sharing something I have been working on for Instagram - Or even just going back to basics and designing something new. There are so many small positive steps you can be taking to move forward even if you can’t always move as fast as you would like. 

Remember you have something to offer
Sometimes it can feel like there is just too much going on online and it feels like you have nothing to offer. I actually feel like this a lot of the time. So many people are already doing what I want to do and doing it so much better - why should I bother. BUT there is a place for me. There is space for everyone and it is just about finding your group of people, who enjoy what you do and want to know more about you. You always have some insight to offer that no one else can - well not quite in the same way anyway. It could be your personal experience, how you live your life, what you believe in, the work you create, how you create it. There are always people who are going to be interested in other people's lives. I think that is why Instagram is so popular. Instead of soap operas we now like to follow along with other peoples lives and journeys. I love it when people share stories about things that are personal to them, that they have learnt or experienced. I generally find people really interesting though and love learning about people who are totally different from me.  

Send someone you know who is having a tough time an encouraging note
Sometimes when you are feeling dissatisfied and wishing your life was different and maybe more like someone else's it can be pretty easy to spiral. One way of getting yourself out of that is to try and be outward looking. Think of someone you know who is going through a bit of a tough time, or is struggling - or if you can’t think of anyone just one of your friends online or offline who you can support and encourage in what they are doing. A random note from someone out of the blue telling you they are thinking of you and they think you are doing a great job and keep going can totally change someone's day, maybe even their week or month! I really think there is so much strength and power in supporting and encouraging each other. It is way better to be working together than competing with each other.

If it continues unfollow
Sometimes none of these things will help and the jealousy is just really getting you down. At this point I would say it's time to seriously consider unfollowing that person. Not because you don’t like them or want to be mean - but sometimes you just have to do it to protect yourself, for your own well-being and mental health. Another thing is that if it's someone’s Instagram stories that are bothering you, you can mute those without unfollowing the person. Even something as simple as that might make all the difference. 

Is this something you ever struggle with? If so what do you do to combat it? I would love to hear anymore ideas of things I could try. 

Family Shoot with Siobhan Calder

A couple of weeks before we left London for Cardiff we decided to get some family photos taken by Siobhan and I can't tell you how happy I am that we did it. I think I had always been put off from doing it in the past because in my head It always felt like quite a lot of money to spend and I didn't feel like I could really justify it. Siobhan and I actually did a skills swap for this photoshoot so although no money changed hands - having now done the photoshoot I have definitely come around to thinking that it is worth the money! 

Since Reuben was born we have taken absolutely hundreds and probably thousands of photographs - but so many of them are quickly snapped on a phone and not great quality and also as one of us is usually taking the photo of the other with Reuben or Reuben on his own, there are actually not many photos of the three of us. 


We decided to do the session in Battersea Park, as it is a park that has a lot of memories for us, from before Reuben was born, but also I spent a lot of time there with him last summer when he was a newborn. It was also where we went for our first outing with Reuben after we got home from the hospital. It is totally one of my favourite parks in London. We did the shoot at 10am on a Monday morning and the sun was shining so brightly! It was actually not great light for a photographer but Siobhan did such a great job. I really love the photos with the dappled light streaming in through the tree and bushes. 


To be totally honest neither Neil or I are naturals in front of the camera and I don't really love having my photo taken but Siobhan did such a great job of chatting to us and making us feel totally at ease - she gave us some directions to get in certain positions or look a certain way, but mostly we just hung out and played with Reuben and she just snapped away. 


A few weeks after the shoot Siobhan sent us about 80 images that she had edited and it was seriously so hard to choose which ones to share in this blog post. But I got there eventually. These are definitely some of my favourites and they just make me so happy looking at them. Memories of a wonderful morning, but also my two favourite humans who I love living life with.

This last photo is my absolute favourite. I just love the look on both of their faces but particularly love how Reuben is looking over the Thames. I feel like now we have left London these photos from one of our last weeks there are even more precious and as soon as we have a new house sorted I will be getting this one, and some of the others printed to go on our wall for sure.

If you have ever thought about getting someone to take photos of your family, I can't recommended it enough, and obviously I think Siobhan is awesome so if you are in London you should totally hire her! She has just launched her new website which showcases more of her work and you can see some of the other beautiful family shoots that she has done. Also, something that Siobhan is now offering which sounds amazing, are various mentoring packages. There are a few different packages which would be ideal if you need someone you to help and support you with your photography or creative business. You could also go on one of her wildness tonic photo walks which sound so much fun! I am just gutted she didn't start them before I left! Anyway, I will leave you to go and explore her site and all the cool things she is offering. 

Hope you all had a wonderful long weekend and enjoy the 4 day week! x

We are moving!
'We Have Moved' by  Paul Davis

'We Have Moved' by Paul Davis

Well the title of this post gives a pretty big clue as to what our latest life news is. That is right - we are leaving London and moving to Cardiff! Writing those words and making plans to leave (we leave in just 4 weeks!) has turned me into a big ball of mixed emotions and I think I feel equal amounts of excitement and sadness. London has been so good to us. My husband and I met here, have built our lives here - we had our son here. We have been through so much together in this amazing city from first dates to bringing our newborn home from the hospital. It feels so hard to be leaving all that and not to mention all of the amazing friends we have made in our nearly 10 years of being here.  

Neither of us ever really imagined staying in London for never really seemed like a viable option for the very long term and although it has all happened sooner than I expected everything has slotted into place and it feels like the right time to jump ship from this big city. We are both city dwellers for sure, and I have never really dreamed of living in the countryside...but I am looking forward to living in a smaller city - one that takes less time to get around but where the countryside and the sea are much easier to access. 

I am also excited about what this means for my small business. London is an expensive city to live in and by moving to Cardiff there is more flexibility in terms of my job. So I won't be going back to a 9-5 job after finishing my maternity leave - instead I will be doing something that I have dreamed of for a while and going it alone as a freelance designer. I am excited and apprehensive but mainly just ready to get stuck in. I won't be doing the freelance thing full time but will be fitting it in around looking after Reuben and I am so glad that I will still be able to spend lots of time with him and hopefully be flexible with my work depending on what he needs. We will be near family who will be able to help out with childcare and NM has a new job which he is excited to get stuck into too. 

Leaving something is always hard. And if it wasn’t hard there would probably be something wrong. It reminds me that we have really invested in our relationships and friendships here and that has been an amazing thing, so it's natural to not want to leave that. But I am embracing the motto on a print I used to have in my shop - ‘Change is Exciting’. I am excited for lots of adventures ahead of us and new opportunities that weren’t possible while living in London. 

We leave in 4 weeks and we will start off living with my parents for a few months until we can find ourselves a house. I am spending all of my time on rightmove and pinterest right now! 

If you live in Cardiff and have any tips of places to hang out (it has been over 10 years since I lived there last!) or fancy being friends in real life instead of online friends just let me know! 

Hope you are all having a great week and there is some spring sunshine where you are today! 

Family photo album: Inkifi

A couple of weeks ago I shared a little review of our wedding album from Artifact Uprising and I mentioned that I found a company that do lovely photo albums in the UK - so obviously I had to try them out. 

Let me introduce Inkifi. Inkifi do what appear to be rather beautiful cloth bound books but for this photo album I decided to go for a soft cover square book. For NM's christmas present I wanted to get a photo album of the first 5 months of Reubens life. I found the inkifi website easy to use and I really liked their page layouts. They were simple and clean and I felt like there were enough options for me without there being too many to be overwhelming. I like my albums to be simple - I want it to be just about the photos and don't want any text or other embellishments (there are other photobook places that you can find that do that though if that is more your thing and you want more of a scrap book feel). The only thing that bothered me about the website and this may just be me being silly so feel free to let me know if I am wrong - but I couldn't work out how to save the project. This meant that I had to be a bit more organised and basically do it all in one go. It wasn't all bad - I just had to make sure that I edited and chose the photos I wanted to use before starting. It was then quick and easy to load them up and arrange them on the pages. (I even managed to do it while looking after a baby so it must have been easy!). 

I used the website to create my book as I didn't have all of the photos on my phone - but they do have an app and I imagine that if you were getting the photos from your phone or instagram it would also be super easy and quick to put together. 


The paper quality is really nice. It is a good thickness and is a matt paper so feels really good in your hands. I am definitely planning to get more albums printed with them and am excited to try out their cloth bound books. Also, I am so glad to find somewhere in the UK creating these sorts of photobooks! It is going to save me so much money on postage. 


Let me know if you have used inkifi and what you think. I am excited about getting more photos printed and off my computer this year. 

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Let's make this year awesome

I can’t really believe that it has been over 4 months since I last posted on my blog. I knew when I had a baby that I wouldn't be able to keep all the plates spinning, so the blog has been neglected in the second half of 2016, but I don’t really mind because I managed to keep my shop running, create new products AND do a craft fair since Reuben came along, and I am pretty proud of what I've managed to achieve. I have missed it though, so it's nice to be back even if it won't be as often.

I am not really into resolutions but when January rolls around I do like to take time to think about what I would like to achieve in the coming year. It gets me all excited and motivated which can only be a good thing. Quite often though things change and as the year goes by my priorities shift. I decided to look back at 2016’s goals and I didn’t really achieve that many of the things on my list, but actually it didn't bother me in the slightest - some of them seem silly to me now and I've realised that I've achieved other things that weren’t even on the list, so on reflection I am really happy with what I managed to get done (also let's be honest, when I made that list I had no idea what life with a baby would be like and what would be achievable).

So I thought it would be nice for my first post of 2017 to share with you what I'm dreaming of and working towards in 2017. There are some goals which I'm still mulling over and might be for 2018 rather than this year, but here are the main things I want to work towards. I am still looking after a baby full time so I'm fully aware that things might change, or not be possible but it's nice to have something to work towards because I definitely want to keep moving my business forward this year.

1. Wholesale - I have really enjoyed focusing a bit more on my shop, designing new products and also getting rid of some of the ones I didn't love so much anymore. I think the next step is wholesale. I have had a few more wholesale enquiries recently and I think it is something that I want to push forward with. My plan is to put together a wholesale catalogue in the first few months of the year to send out to people and see what happens. I am also toying with the idea of doing a trade fair this year or early next. I know it will be a lot of work and might not be feasible right now but I am going to work towards it. 

2. Keep growing my instagram following - I have been loving instagram even more recently as since being on maternity leave I have tried to be more intentional and strategic with it.  I am convinced it has been making a difference to my business, and I just love all the creative people that I have connected with on there. This won't sound amazingly impressive to most people but I managed to hit the 1k mark this year which had been an aim of mine, so in 2017 I would like to work towards hitting 3k followers. Saying that I don't want to get too bogged down with numbers and I want to keep enjoying it - but it helps me to stay motivated and inspired to have something to work towards.

3. My newsletter - it has been pretty sporadic of late but my subscriber list has been growing and so I want to do more behind the scenes, share more info and goodies for those subscribers in 2017. I have a template which I am happy with now so it is a case of carving out time to do it. With all of these things I think it's a case of coming up with realistic goals and so I am going to aim to be sending out a newsletter once a month. 

4. The blog - As I mentioned before my blog has been a bit neglected recently. It is not something that I make money from, but I really enjoy it and I would like to keep up with it as a way to share news and information about my business and what is inspiring me creatively. Again I think the key will be to come up with a realistic goal, so I am going to aim to do one blog post a week, and then if I manage any more that will be a bonus. 

5. Freelance work - I have had a total break from client work since R was born - which has been great and I know I wouldn't have been able to cope with the stress of deadlines with a newborn. I'm still not sure I am ready to start back up again but I would like to at some point this year (maybe when R's naps start getting a little bit more predictable and regular).

So there we go. My goals for 2017. I am totally expecting them to change over time but its nice to have them down in writing. I also have some personal goals, but there are pretty much the same as most years. Eat healthier, exercise more blah blah blah! ha

Anyway if you have your goals written out for this year would love to read them! Happy New Year and thank you so much for following along with my blog despite it being so sporadic of late! 

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The letterpress bookmark in the photo above was printed by the lovely Prickle Press.

Dealing with disappointment

Sometimes things in life just don't go as we hoped and planned. I experienced that feeling recently during the end of my pregnancy. I felt let down by my body and disappointed that the birth I had imagined and hoped for didn't happen (everyone did warn me that it wouldn't go how I had planned but I was still disappointed). 

In the grand scheme of things my disappointment has not been too hard to handle. I have got a beautiful and healthy son and that has sort of erased any of the other negative feelings – but at the time before he was born and during the birth it felt very hard and very real. I have been pretty blessed in life and yes I have definitely had to deal with disappointment and heartache in the past but nothing that I haven't managed to get over and move on from. 

Anyway, this experience leading up to the birth got me thinking about disappointment and how we deal with it and move on from it so that it doesn't consume us. I thought I would share some of my thoughts here. 

Expect disappointment
I don't mean to be all doom and gloom and expect the worst but I think it does help to expect disappointment and remember that life isn't always going to be perfect or go the way we planned. I think if you are expecting that sometimes things won't go the way you want, then you won't be so shocked or knocked when that does happen. 

Be thankful
Something that really helps me when I am in the midst of disappointment is to look at other areas of my life and make lists of all the things I am thankful for. There is usually so so much and it often puts the hard things into perspective. It is so encouraging when you can see the good things and be grateful for them. I think making lists of things you are thankful for regularly is a good habit to get into whatever you have got going on in life. (I really love these posts Laura does - they always remind me to be thankful for the small things in life that I take for granted).

Focus on others
When I am in a funk and feeling decidedly sorry for myself I find it really helps me to focus on other people. You can always find someone who is suffering through something worse than you - which doesn't mean your suffering is not real and valid - but sometimes it helps to put things in perspective. If you focus on encouraging and supporting others it often makes you (and them) feel better and stops you from getting lost in your struggles and what you are going through.  

Move on
Sometimes healing just takes time and I think making a decision to move on and focus on the present and the future rather than past disappointments can really do the world of good.  Focus on the things that you can control and put aside the things that you can't control. 

Although your disappointments may be a lot worse and totally different from mine, I hope that these thoughts will help you start processing them and moving on from them. Sometimes just acknowledging and telling someone how you feel is the first step to healing and working through things. I am a big believer in the healing powers of verbal processing and sharing your burdens with others. How amazing to live in a time and place with such an amazing an supportive online community as well. I have seen so much kindness and support among people I know online recently that it has really made me realise what a special place the internet can be. 

Anyway I hope you all have a good day and an inspiring week! 

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Our new arrival!

Hello! I am so happy today to be able to pop in and share with you the exciting news of the new addition to our family. He took his sweet time arriving but last week we were joined by Reuben James Mosley. Obviously I am biased but I think he is the cutest thing I have ever seen! 

Nothing of his arrival went as I hope or planned for (I think that is pretty common though) but what a relief to finally have him with us, and I am just so grateful that he is healthy and safe in our arms now. 

We are enjoying the newborn days snuggling and getting to know him. So far he is doing great. After a week in hospital and him being being prodded and poked and basically treated like a pin cushion we are all home now and he is thriving. He is sleeping and feeding well and seems a pretty chilled baby so far. Saying that, it is easy to be anxious a lot of the time as a new parent when you can't work out what he wants or he won't go down to sleep etc. I am trying to be relaxed though and trust my mothers instincts where ever possible. 

I have a few posts scheduled for the next few weeks but forgive me if it's a bit quiet around here. I am looking forward, as the weeks progress, to start working out how I will juggle a new baby, blog and my small business. I will share it on here as I work things out! I am sure there will be a lot of trial and error for a while. I also have some exciting new products that I will be adding to the shop soon too so keep your eyes peeled! 

The nursery
This lamp shade makes me so happy - it catches my eye every time I pass by the room. It is from  Lisa Jones Studio . 

This lamp shade makes me so happy - it catches my eye every time I pass by the room. It is from Lisa Jones Studio

We are very very blessed with our living situation in London because we live in a small 3 bedroom house just for the two of us. Frankly, having 3 bedrooms in London is pretty much a luxury whatever size they are and we try really hard not to ever take it for granted. 

Over the last few months we have been doing lots of re-arranging and sorting (and getting rid of stuff) and have turned the smallest box room into a little nursery for the baby. We haven't gone over the top and it doesn't look like one of these nurseries that you would see on pinterest, but it is functional and cosy and we enjoyed picking out a few pieces to decorate it and make it feel homely and cosy for the little guy. 

Since being pregnant I have discovered so many incredible small businesses selling amazing things for babies (and some of the things we got were not for a nursery specifically). I wanted to try and support some of those small businesses - because I know how important that is as small business owner myself. I have also included some things from creatives that we already owned. 

We decided to paint the walls a light grey and keep things pretty simple and neutral. Here are a few photos sharing some of the little details that we have put together. Some of the toys are things we have inherited or that have been made for us and I have even made some of the toys myself! 

This mobile was made by my amazingly talented and lovely colleagues at work. They spent months working on it and I absolutely love it. All of the little animals are made from felt and every single one is different and has its own little personality! At the moment I have hung them on the wall but when the baby is in a crib each strand has a ring on the top so that I can thread them onto a mobile! 

This mobile was made by my amazingly talented and lovely colleagues at work. They spent months working on it and I absolutely love it. All of the little animals are made from felt and every single one is different and has its own little personality! At the moment I have hung them on the wall but when the baby is in a crib each strand has a ring on the top so that I can thread them onto a mobile! 

I have loved this print from  Sarah Abbott  for ages and NM loved it too so we didn't hesitate to get one for the nursery. 

I have loved this print from Sarah Abbott for ages and NM loved it too so we didn't hesitate to get one for the nursery. 

In this room there is a weird sort of solid block that covers the stairs - which was always a strange feature in the room, but now it is making the perfect changing station. We decided to get a waterproof tablecloth from the local fabric shop and then just make sure everything was handy and in easy reach.

In this room there is a weird sort of solid block that covers the stairs - which was always a strange feature in the room, but now it is making the perfect changing station. We decided to get a waterproof tablecloth from the local fabric shop and then just make sure everything was handy and in easy reach.

I love this print from  Kate Alizadeh  (she is a super talented illustrated based in Cardiff). It wasn't in her  shop  but I think I saw it on her instagram and emailed her asking if she could do me a print and she obliged. 

I love this print from Kate Alizadeh (she is a super talented illustrated based in Cardiff). It wasn't in her shop but I think I saw it on her instagram and emailed her asking if she could do me a print and she obliged. 

I recently started sewing more and attempted to make this bunny rabbit. You can find the pattern I used here on  Purl Soho  (amazing website!). It is pretty wonky and badly made but am hoping that adds to its charm and that the little guy will like it. I made  another one  for my Godson too. I really enjoyed making them and would like to experiment with making more toys. 

I recently started sewing more and attempted to make this bunny rabbit. You can find the pattern I used here on Purl Soho (amazing website!). It is pretty wonky and badly made but am hoping that adds to its charm and that the little guy will like it. I made another one for my Godson too. I really enjoyed making them and would like to experiment with making more toys. 

This wall hanging was a gift from a friend a while ago from  Sass and Belle  and fitted in nicely on one of the walls. 

This wall hanging was a gift from a friend a while ago from Sass and Belle and fitted in nicely on one of the walls. 

The print on the left is by  Laura Redburn  - Its not for sale in her shop but I saw it on her blog and she kindly made it into a print for me a while ago. The print on the right is one of mine and is  available in my shop . You can choose between grey and green because its double sided.

The print on the left is by Laura Redburn - Its not for sale in her shop but I saw it on her blog and she kindly made it into a print for me a while ago. The print on the right is one of mine and is available in my shop. You can choose between grey and green because its double sided.

These two little guys were knitted by my mother-in-law and i LOVE them. She has serious knitting skills so I am pretty sure this little guy will never be short of knitted toys or clothes.

These two little guys were knitted by my mother-in-law and i LOVE them. She has serious knitting skills so I am pretty sure this little guy will never be short of knitted toys or clothes.

I also made these little ABC cube rattles. I was inspired by some that Artemis of  Junkaholique  made - and I just sort of made it up as I went along but I think there are loads of tutorials for similar things online. 

I also made these little ABC cube rattles. I was inspired by some that Artemis of Junkaholique made - and I just sort of made it up as I went along but I think there are loads of tutorials for similar things online. 

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of our nursery. I am sure it will change over time as the baby grows and has different needs but I am really pleased with this as a start. I want to share some pictures of the new studio space too at some point so keep an eye out for those. 

Have a lovely weekend! 

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Kew Gardens
Liz Mosley Kew Gardens

So one of my best birthday gifts ever was a membership to Kew Gardens this year. I have been a couple of times already and I just love it. It is such a beautiful place to wander around and explore and it is kind of amazing that you're still in London, only 30 minutes away from home, but feel like you are anywhere but a big city. I am so excited to spend the weekends taking the baby for walks around these stunning gardens and discovering new bits that I haven't explored yet. I am also looking forward to experiencing it during all the different seasons. 

These are just a couple of photos from one of my recent visits. I didn't take loads but I am hoping to take my camera and use these days out as opportunities to get creative and improve my photography. 

Liz Mosley Key Gardens
Liz Mosley Kew Gardens
Liz Mosley Kew Gardens

Have you ever been to Kew Gardens? Which were your favourite bits? I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful place to spend time at, that's so nearby.

Hope you have a lovely weekend! 

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Chelsea Flower Show
Liz Mosley Chelsea Flower Show

A couple of months ago (yes this post has been a looong time coming) I was lucky enough to be offered a chance to go to the Chelsea Flower Show. It is not very far from where we live and it has always intrigued me so despite being rather large, tired and pregnant, I jumped at the opportunity. I had a great time waddling around and checking out all of the incredibly beautiful flowers. 

Liz Mosley Chelsea Flower Show

Although I am not a very avid or skilled gardener, what really blew me away was the creativity and beauty on display. The gardens were just so carefully thought out and beautiful and skilfully put together -  even the stands in the big marquee were phenomenal. One of my favourites was the Queens head above (also check out how happy the guy on the other side was!). The colours and the textures created by all the different flowers were so impressive and it is such a cool idea.

Liz Mosley Chelsea Flower Show

I was pretty much in awe of all the different varieties of flowers. This one above really caught my eye, because of the colour but also because of the sort of watercolour effect it had going on in the middle.

Liz Mosley Chelsea Flower Show

There were lots of interesting things to see and do - and if you are into gardening, I am guessing this would be heaven..because the amounts of stalls selling fun and creative gardening products was pretty overwhelming! I think with all of these events and things that go on in London there were A LOT of people and so after a while it did start to get a bit overwhelming. If you ever get the chance to go though, it is a great day out and I would definitely recommend it!

Liz Mosley Chelsea Flower Show
Liz Mosley Chelsea Flower Show
Liz Mosley Chelsea Flower Show
Hello Spring

Well...I well and truly fell off the blogging bandwagon again! (can't believe my last post was at the beginning of Feb!). I have tried to not give myself too hard a time about it - but I am frustrated about not being able to get all the things done that I want to. I guess that's life though and with becoming a parent on the horizon I had probably better get used to it! 

Anyway, I have slowly been working on a few posts despite not having them ready to post up just yet, so hopefully there will be a bit more action in this space over the next few weeks. This time off from blogging makes me realise how much I love it and miss it when I am not - so I guess that is a good thing. 

March was a busy month for me with LOTS of freelance work - which has been amazing but also has made me realise that I need to start slowing down in preparation for the babies arrival. I have had so much more energy in the second trimester than the first which has been great and I have mostly felt back to my old self - but I am starting to experience the tell-tale signs of fatigue so want to start taking it easy now rather than having a mega crash. 

I find turning down work soooo hard but I know that I am going to have to do it more and more in the coming months so it's good to start practising saying no now and trying not to freak out that no one will ever want to work with me ever again! Ha. 

Anyway, that is a little snippet of life lately - hopefully there will be some new posts coming up next week and then we are off on holiday! Our last one just the two of us and I can't wait. After trying to fit 12 months into the first 6 months of the year (that's what it feels like anyway! Haha) it will be nice to just stop and spend loads of quality time together chatting, taking stock and just calming things right down! 

Hope you all have lovely weekend's full of beautiful spring goodness! I always forget how lovely it is when it is light in the evenings! 

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A studio re-jig

Since finding out we are having a baby I have been daydreaming about what would be the best way to re-organise the rooms in our house to accommodate a new little human. Admittedly he won't need much space at the beginning but I am itching to start redecorating and rearranging so we are going to get started in the next few weeks. 

The plan is to turn the small box room, which is currently the studio/office, into the baby's room and then our guest room will be a guest room and office all in one. I have been thinking of ways to try and make the two different spaces feel kind of separate and distinct even though they are part of the same room. I thought a feature wall where the desk and shelves will go would be a great option so of course I took to Pinterest to do some research. 

Here is some of the inspiration I found and now I am so excited. The only dilemma is deciding on a colour. Click on the images below to link through to the sources and let me know in the comments which is your favourite! Also, you can check out more of my inspiration on Pinterest.

I don't think I ever would have considered a yellow but this mustard wall looks great and is a strong contender. I think it would make the room look stylish but warm and bright. 

I don't think I ever would have considered a yellow but this mustard wall looks great and is a strong contender. I think it would make the room look stylish but warm and bright. 

I would NEVER have thought I would consider painting a wall in my house pink but this blush wall looks amazing. I think it would add a really fresh and clean feel to the office area. 

I would NEVER have thought I would consider painting a wall in my house pink but this blush wall looks amazing. I think it would add a really fresh and clean feel to the office area. 

I am a big fan of all sorts of grey walls and this dark charcoal looks really elegant and smart for an office. I think with white walls in the rest of the room it would still look airy and fresh. 

I am a big fan of all sorts of grey walls and this dark charcoal looks really elegant and smart for an office. I think with white walls in the rest of the room it would still look airy and fresh. 

I am not afraid of a dark feature wall and navy blue is high on my list of options. This is a great example of it working well and I think the yellow accents really compliment it well!

I am not afraid of a dark feature wall and navy blue is high on my list of options. This is a great example of it working well and I think the yellow accents really compliment it well!

How incredible and rich is this green. We have a light green wall in our house already but this dark green is something else. I think it would look great with a gallery wall on top. 

How incredible and rich is this green. We have a light green wall in our house already but this dark green is something else. I think it would look great with a gallery wall on top. 

Ok so not a colour but how awesome would a cork board feature wall be? It could work really well for the office space because it would be a great place to stick up inspiration and things I am working on. 

Ok so not a colour but how awesome would a cork board feature wall be? It could work really well for the office space because it would be a great place to stick up inspiration and things I am working on. 

2016's big adventure
Illustration used with kind permission from  Jo Waterhouse

Illustration used with kind permission from Jo Waterhouse

Something that I feel like I am always trying to work out is getting the right balance of personal posts and design/business related posts on the blog. I guess I err towards not sharing loads of personal stuff but I definitely want people to feel like they know a bit about me and the person behind this little business.  

Anyway, that is a little introduction to a very personal post today – we have a big adventure coming up this year because we are having a baby! It is definitely going to be a big change to our lives and will have a huge impact on my business and how I work as a graphic designer, so I am excited to share that journey and learning process in this space.

At the moment I flit between being really excited and also terrified which I am guessing is a pretty normal reaction. We recently had the 20 week scan and it was amazing to see our little baby on the screen again. It has been wriggling around like crazy and it's so odd when you can feel this thing living inside you. We still have a few months to do a load of jobs around the house and preparation for the business alongside fitting in a holiday just the two of us before the big life change.

I feel very blessed to have lots of beautiful friends who live near me who have had or are having babies. One of the things I was worried about was being able to juggle a baby with a creative business. I am sure it will have to change and evolve over time and I want to try and be realistic about what I can achieve but I am really determined to keep my small business going in some capacity. I am so inspired by all of the incredible creative mamas online that I follow or have been lucky enough to meet in person who make me feel confident that it is possible! (special shout out to Siobhan and Rachel who I love getting to hang out with in real life).

My plan is for the blog to continue in a similar vein to normal but I guess there will be the odd update about pregnancy and the baby's arrival and then after that hopefully some helpful posts about juggling life with a baby and a business.  Any tips from mama’s out there who are doing it would be amazing! I haven't managed to be as consistent as I would like with posting but am going to keep going and not give myself too hard a time and remind myself that I am busy growing a human!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend! We are off for a weekend away with our church - so looking forward to a little country escape and spending quality time with friends.

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Goals for 2016
Liz Mosley 2016 Goals

Business Goals

1. Start a sketch book for experimenting.
This one could probably go in the personal or business goals but I have decided to put it in the business goals as I think it will have a huge benefit on my work. I hardly spend any time just doodling and playing with things that are not necessarily going to turn into something. I think working and experimenting without the pressure of a final product will be such a positive and inspiring habit to get into. I also just miss having a sketchbook - something that I am not precious about - that I can make a mess in. If it works out, I am excited about sharing some of it on the blog as it will be a bit of a behind the scenes look at the creative process.

2. Start an email newsletter. 
So, as I mentioned in my last post this is a goal that has been transferred over from the 2015 list to the 2016 list. Ideally I was hoping that newsletters would be weekly or fortnightly at least but I think to be realistic I am going to try and start off doing monthly newsletters (hopefully that will seem less scary and get the ball rolling), and then see how things go from there. I have started putting together a template in mailchimp and have used mailchimp quite a bit before so hopefully it won't take too long to get the first newsletter sorted. 

3. Re-photograph all of the stock for the shop and edit down products.
Although the way my products look and have been photographed has improved A LOT since I first started my Etsy shop there is still a lot I would like to improve about them. I want to take some time to really thoughtfully plan out how I want to present my products and take photographs that do the products justice but that also work well together to give the shop a cohesive look and style. I think I am going to have to work on my styling skills for this one and think of fun and interesting ways to make the products look their best. I also want to get rid of any products in the shop that I am not 100% happy with and make room for new designs. 

4. Define the mission and purpose of my business
My business has quite a few different aspects to it but this year I really want to come up with a clear purpose and vision for the business. I think this will really help when making decisions about what projects to pursue and work on, and which to let go as they don't fit in with my purpose. Tangibly, I want to come up with a statement that really sums up what I do and what I am passionate about. This will be something that can be on the website so that people are even clearer on what I am all about, but also something that I can keep referring to and being inspired by as I try and grow and push the business forward. 


Personal Goals

1. Learn to make Macarons.
My love for Macarons only really developed in the last few years. I think before I just thought they were over-rated but then I had some amazing ones and now I am hooked. Some friends of mine have made them and they came out so good. I have never been able to attempt them as our oven was soooo bad at heating evenly but now we have a brand spanking new oven I am going to give it a go. 

2. Learn to make my own candles.
I have done a little bit of candle making when I was a kid and it was really fun. Again my love for candles has seriously grown over the last few years and so I have always thought it would be great to make my own for me to use but also for gifts for friends and family who I know love candles too. Once I saw this Instagram from Siobhan I felt more determined than ever. This WILL be the year that I do it. 

3. Make more time to read and do things that don't involve looking at a screen.
My reading list is seriously long - when I am at home and tired I find myself lying on the sofa just automatically scrolling on my phone - it's not really anything of worth that I am looking at, I'm just stuffing my brain full of things for the sake of it. I am going to try and use this time to read a magazine or book instead. I think it is going to be a habit that takes a long time to change but I am determined to work on it!

4. Eat less sugar.
Ok I will be totally honest I don't think I will ever be the sort of person who can cut out sugar completely - but I have realised recently that I have not been making the healthiest of choices when it comes to food. I want to have treats for sure, I just want to cut down on how often they happen! (I used to joke with my husband that my life was just one big treat - because I constantly seemed to be saying the words 'I am just going to treat myself'). I also want to get creative and find healthier and tastier options to replace the daily chocolate bar. (just realised how contradictory this is with the first personal goal! ha)

Blog posts about peoples goals are some of my favourites (they are always so inspiring and I find they encourage and motivate me). So if you have shared your goals I would love to read them! Share them below.  

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Looking back on 2015

Last summer I put together some really concrete goals that I wanted to work on for my small business. So I thought I would do a little re-cap and let you know how I got on with all of them. Here is the original post if you want to check it out. 

1. Set up a shop on my own website
Yes! I finally managed to do this. I was really glad that I had this set up before Christmas. I haven't closed my Etsy shop and will still leave it there for now, but I'll focus more on promoting the shop on my website. I think it will take a while and will be slow growing but I am looking forward to adding more products to it and improving how it looks and works. 

2. Start an email newsletter
This one I totally failed on. I think if I'm honest I have been trying to do too many things and so this was just another ball to juggle that would've required a lot of work. I am frustrated with myself for not doing this and think I need to take my own advice about just getting started from my post earlier in the week, but this will definitely be on my goal list for 2016 and hopefully it will be achieved this year! I would love to be able to offer special discounts and behind the scenes updates to my regular followers.

3. Get organised for Christmas
I think there will always, always be room for improvement on this one but I was pleased that I managed to get two packs of Christmas cards up in the shop. It was still a bit touch and go getting them up in plenty of time and I feel like each year I am learning about timings when it comes to greetings cards. I want to try and be even more organised with it in 2016. 

4. Add more stock to the shop
One of my frustrations, as ever, is not being able to add as many new products to the shop as I would like to and I will need to think about what is realistic on this front in the coming year. I definitely didn't add as much stock as I would have liked in 2015 but I think I need to manage my expectations about what is realistic with all the other things that I have to balance. I also want to re-think which products I keep in stock too. Some I am really pleased with and some not so much, so I guess it will be a constant process of editing and refining. 

5. Sell my stuff at a market/fair
I think this was the achieved goal that I was most pleased with in 2015. I applied for markets not really sure if I would even get accepted. I ended up doing 3 markets between October and Christmas and it was such a learning experience and really valuable. The sales were good and I made more than I expected (except I did go with very low expectations! Ha) - but what I really loved was meeting customers in person and seeing people interact with my work. It made me so happy when people would pick up a card and laugh or smile at it. It was a really good reminder as to why I love to do what I do. If you have a small biz and haven't done any markets yet I would totally recommend it. I shared a post here with some info about doing your first craft fair and things to think about. 

I feel really happy with how I have pushed my business forward last year. I feel like things really have grown and developed and although I didn't achieve everything I set out to I achieved a lot of what I wanted to. I know there are still so many areas that I want to improve in and develop further and so I am looking forward to 2016 and moving forward in this little adventure of mine. I will be sharing my goals for 2016 in the next few days so come back and check that out. 

Thank you so much for all your support and following along with my creative journey here on the blog. After a bit of rest and taking it easy I am finally feeling excited and inspired about the year ahead and everything to come. 

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Just get started

Oh boy - I have started writing this post so many times - I don't know what is wrong with me but at the end of last year with everything going on, life, work, the shop, selling at craft fairs, I just sort of fell out of the habit of blogging regularly. This has been probably the longest accidental break from blogging that I have had for a while, but when the New Year came round I just found it so hard to get stuck back in again. I can't really put my finger on why to be honest, maybe a lack of inspiration and ideas, maybe a creative rut, maybe too many other things to think about - but I have missed it, the routine and structure and a space to be creative in a different way.  I guess it just got to the point where I had to make a start. So here it is. I am back. I am making a fresh start.

This is going to be a pretty short post - I am just easing back in but I just wanted to mention that there is a MEGA sale going on in the shop at the moment. Seriously, most things are 50% off and there are so many bargains. It ends on the 16th January so you still have a few days to get involved - and some things once they are gone will be gone forever. 

I will be back later in the week with my goals for this year. I have quite a lot of them buzzing around my head so I think I need to think them through and make sure they are not totally unrealistic. 

I would also like to do a post reflecting back on my goals last year and how I got on with them. It is always encouraging to look back and see how far you have actually come even if you don't manage to achieve everything. 

I hope January hasn't been too blue for you and you are looking forward to the year ahead! Also, if you have written posts with your goals in I would love to read them! Just post a link in the comments below!

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Tips for your first craft fair

Guys I mentioned it enough times on here for you to probably have worked out that on Sunday I was selling at Crafty Fox Market in Brixton. One of my goals this year was to sell my products in person at a craft fair and I am so glad I achieved it. 

It was a really great day and I loved meeting so many customers in person and also other makers who I had been friends with online for a while but not met in real life yet. 

Whilst it is still all fresh in my mind I thought I would get everything written up and share a whole load of tips for doing your first craft fair (or some tips might be handy for old seasoned pro's). Some of these things were tips that people shared with me before the event (thank you so much!) and some are things I worked out and learnt on the day. 

Packing list - For peace of mind work out way in advance of the event everything that you need to take and then as you are getting everything packed and ready you can just tick off the list and feel confident you haven't forgotten everything. I did have a dream (nightmare!) the other day where I turned up and had forgotten everything. 

Phone/device charger - I decided to get this for the market but I think it will probably be handy for so many life events too. There are loads of different makes and styles of these but I decided to go for an Anker one which would charge my phone 6 times over. If you are doing a craft fair and have a smart phone with a crappy battery then this is a must! ESPECIALLY if you are taking card payments using your phone. You don't want your phone to die and then not be able to use the card reader/take photos/book a taxi etc. 

Card Reader - I debated about whether to take one or not as I didn't know whether I would be doing a lot of craft fairs in the future, and I didn't really want to shell out £70/£80 for one - so I decided to go for iZettle as they have a card reader you can get for free. They take a 2.75% cut (or lower depending on the volume of your sales) which seemed reasonable to me. I was so impressed with this. I didn't use it loads as a lot of people came prepared with cash and people don't tend to buy a greetings card using a card, but I did use it a couple of times for larger sales and I think it was totally worth getting. It was so easy to set up and really easy to use on the day and it felt really good to know that I wouldn't lose out on any sales due to not having one. 

Box of tricks - This is a box that you fill with things like masking tape, packing tape, paper clips, safety pins, string, glue, pegs - anything that could come in handy when putting your stall together. Having all of this stuff made me feel so much better even though I didn't need to use most of it. You never know though when you are going to need to tape/peg/pin something in place. 

Suitcase - I pulled out the biggest suitcase we had and filled it with everything. When you are selling notebooks, prints and cards that thing got heavy quickly - luckily for me the venue was only a very short taxi ride away so it wasn't too bad getting the suitcase there. It was a bit tight squeezing the suitcase under the table but it worked out fine and if you have a bigger table then this wouldn't be an issue at all and is a great place to store it. I had all of my extra stock in there too so I could just duck under the table and get things whenever I needed to stock up cards or prints. 

Attitude and mood - I tried really hard to stand up behind my stall as much as possible (rather than sitting down and pretty much disappearing behind the card stand) and to smile and look as friendly as possible. I want to be friendly and open to chatting but also not pushy so that if people wanted to just browse the stall without any pressure to buy they could totally do that to. It was a hard balance to get but I think your mood and attitude at these events is really important. I really think that people who are shopping probably subconsciously pick it up, and if you look sulky and like you don't want to be there that is not going to make them want to come over and chat about your work. 

Biz cards - Not everyone will necessarily want to buy things on the day. I have definitely gone to markets before where I wasn't ready to make a decision but took away biz cards/postcards and checked them out again online later. I think it is sooo important for people to have something they can take away. Get more than you think you will need printed. People who pick them up might turn into customers later on. 

Table cloth - It totally depends what kind of look you want for your stall and some people didn't use table cloths and it worked well but I decided to get a really big one so that it covered all sides of the table so that people couldn't see all the stuff I had stored underneath. Zoe suggested getting a cotton dust sheet which was one of the best tips I was given. I got one from a local paint shop - it was £7 was totally massive and will cover all sorts of size tables in the future and I really liked the material. 

Practice your stall - I wish I had done this earlier on (but wasn't ready) but I am SO glad that I practiced my stall beforehand. I set everything up as I was planning to on the day. It was really helpful to take some time to think as a customer and work out the best way of presenting everything, labelling everything and how much to put out. I did actually slightly change it around on the day because of lights reflecting on my prints and things and what looked best but I think as I had a practice it saved a lot of time and was just a case of tweaking things rather than starting from scratch.

Stock - I don't think anyone will ever be able to give a clear answer on this as there are so many variables but before I went I really struggled with knowing how much stock to take. I erred on too much rather than too little as I knew I had another craft fair coming up in a few weeks and so would be able to take left over stock to that too. I am glad I did as my stall looked full and well stocked all day long. 

Take food - I don't know about you but I am super grumpy when I haven't eaten and I wanted to be totally on top of my game so that I had lots of energy and was friendly and alert when customers came past. My lovely husband was around for the day and he brought me a yummy sandwich, chocolate and diet coke to keep me going. If you don't have someone with you who you can send out to get treats then I would definitely recommend bringing a packed lunch. Also another tip, make it something that you can eat over a long period of time (it took me two hours to eat one sandwich), and also that doesn't look totally gross to eat - I had to keep ducking down to grab a bite of my sandwich behind the stall because no one wants to see that. 

Anyway I hope if you have a market coming up or if you have been thinking about doing one then this is helpful. I had such a great day and feel like It was such a good experience. I am looking forward to my next market already which will be on Friday 16th and the Green Room Cafe in Stoke Newington. If you are free come and pop by, it would be lovely to meet you. 

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An evening at the London Graphic Centre
LGC_02 copy copy.jpg

The London Graphic Centre has been one of my favourite shops for the longest time and I have been shopping there ever since I was an art student (it is actually freaking me out how long ago that was now!). Whenever I would visit London I would pop in and I got myself a really nice portfolio folder from there to go around to all my interviews when I graduated. 

I am now lucky enough to work pretty nearby, so I can pop in on a lunch hour or after work and browse all the paints, inks and pens and try not to spend ALL OF MY MONEY!

Anyway last week they hosted an evening for creative bloggers to pop along and see what they were up to. I jumped at the chance and the evening did not disappoint. 

Not only was it awesome to meet some of the other lovely creative bloggers that I have been following online for ages but never met in real life (and guess what - they were totally lovely in real life), but I also got to wander around the store after hours and drool over everything and also play with some new products and partake in a bit of colouring in. 

The London Graphic Centre have events planned in the next few months for things like halloween and Christmas but an exciting one that is coming up is student day on the 6th October. If you are an art student you need to get yourselves down there because not only will there be lots of fun activities, food items (art supplies and food is a totally winning combo in my book) - but you will also be able to get a 15% discount and this goodie bag jam packed with useful art supplies. They gave me one of the goodie bags to check out and it is seriously so generous. Check out some of the things you can get your hands on....


How cool is that Freitag card wallet! Anyway if you are an art student totally get yourself over to London Graphic Centre next Tuesday, and thanks to all the staff at LGC for organising such a great evening. 

Hope you are all have a lovely week!

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How to deal with rejection as a creative biz owner

I don't think people running a small business talk about rejection all that often - I know I don't. It's the sort of thing you don't really want to shout about as I guess it makes you appear as a 'failure' and we naturally worry that it might make our business look bad. I guess that might be true and although I am not going to talk about specifics I do want to share some thoughts on rejection today. I experienced it recently (and it could be anything from not winning a job, not getting a stall at a market you wanted to sell at, not being featured somewhere etc) and it knocked me a little bit and my natural reaction was to let it get me down and make me doubt and question myself. I wanted to think about it a little deeper though and try and look at it from a more positive perspective. I came up with three points to keep reminding myself of that actually really helped so I thought it would be good to share! 

1. Your worth is not tied up in your creative business and work.
I think this is hard to remember because so much of our identities are tied up in our 'career' and what we do but even if your business/creative activities stopped tomorrow you would still have worth as a human being and something to offer to the world. Although it would be hard, your creativity and your work is not the only important and valuable thing about you. It really helps me to be reminded of this, and even if everything doesn't work out with my small business and even if it isn't considered a 'success' it won't have been a waste because I have, and am learning a lot, and I still have something to offer. 

2. Everyone has to deal with it - even the people who you think are 'successful'
It is always really encouraging to me when people who I class as 'successful' in this industry open up about their journey and often you realise that it hasn't been smooth or quick for them, it is often slow and difficult, full of ups and down and has involved a lot of hard work. Everybody has to deal with rejection and things not going exactly how they planned and so I find it helpful to remember that this is normal. I work in a creative industry and that is full of subjectivity. Not everyone is going to like my work or want to buy what I make and that is ok - and that is the same for other wildly successful businesses too. It would be pretty sad if we all had the same taste and liked the exact same things. Recently I have made friends with other people doing similar things to me but who are maybe further along on the journey and they have been so generous sharing the behind the scenes to me, and opening up about struggles they have had. It really does make it easier to remember that failure and rejection is part of the process and everyone goes through it. 

3. Keep going and get better at what you do
A lot of people don't deal well with rejection (understandably) but they let it defeat them and give up. Sometimes it is right to call it a day and change direction but a lot of the time you just need to keep going - and get better, learn from your mistakes, try again, work out what you can do different next time and grow a better and stronger business as a result. I am really trying to do this...and when I have thoughts of giving up I remember that there are ups and downs and that I just need to keep going and try harder. 

I often get into bad thought patterns and things spiral a bit out of control, so having these three things to remember and keep reminding myself of has really helped and encouraged me. Do you have any ways of dealing with rejection? I would love to hear if you do.

I hope you all have a great Friday and a lovely weekend!

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