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Hello 2018

I am often not very good at looking back and noticing what I have achieved. I get frustrated at not having done as much as I would have liked, or because I haven't moved forward as fast as I would have liked, but I have been reflecting back over the past year of my business and I am actually really proud of myself and what I have achieved. It isn't anything big or grand - but I actually did get a lot done whilst juggling looking after a small human, moving city, moving house twice and also having surgery. It wasn't the easiest year at all - but I did keep moving forward, and growing my business and as a result I am really excited about what 2018 has in store. 

Every year I try and share some of my business goals on the blog. You can see last year's here. I am not going to dwell on them to be honest - a few I achieved, and a few became less important and were not priorities. I like to set these goals but I always accept that things change during the year, and sometimes other things become more important to focus on. 

Anyway here are this year's goals: 

Get to 5k followers on Instagram:
I have absolutely loved Instagram this year. Algorithm issues aside, I have managed to improve and slowly grow my account. I have started to see real conversion from posting to sales, and enquiries - not huge amounts, but enough for me to fully realise the benefit of Instagram and investing in it as a place to share my work and post about my business. I have also done a couple of sponsored posts, which has been fun and challenging. I actually love working to a brief and spending more time pushing myself and being creative. I have really noticed that the more time I think through and invest in putting my images together the better they do. One of my sponsored posts ended up with the most likes of the year which I thought was interesting. I need to work out a way to carve out more time to really think through my account and what I share, and make sure that each of my images is really good quality. 

Batch creating content:
This has been recommended to me by various people and it is something that I really want to get into this year. It's something I have struggled with to be honest but I think it will really help me in terms of producing content consistently for my business. I want to be realistic about how much content that I can produce, but in an ideal word I would love to be posting on Instagram every day, a blog post once a week and a newsletter once a month. I often find that I have good intentions but then life gets in the way (sick child, busy period of client work, lack of motivation etc) and I lose momentum and then find it hard to get back to it again. I am hoping if I start batch creating content, then I will have some of the content scheduled in advance, so if one week I can't spend time on blog posts, it doesn't mean there won't be one the next week. 

New clients:
At the end of 2017 I started talking more on Instagram about my logo and branding work for clients (previously I had only really ever talked about my shop) - and I started getting enquiries from my dream sort of clients (small independent businesses or bloggers) which was so exciting. I am starting 2018 working on some lovely projects, and I am hoping that these will lead to finding more of my ideal clients out there. So my goal really is to find more clients to work with, and also to be creative in how I find and approach potential clients. 

New website:
In the next few months I am hoping to update my logo and my website. I have new product photographs for my shop and I feel like I want to refine my style and so it feels like it's time for a refresh of everything. I also want my website to have more information about my logo and branding work and some testimonials of people that I have worked with. 

Writing these goals out here has got me really excited about the year ahead. I am a bit of a dreamer and an ideas person, so I often have more ideas than I know what to do with so it can be a bit of a challenge to come up with realistic and achievable goals, but I am hoping these will be, and that I can take some big leaps forward with my business in 2018. Through it all though I am going to try and follow the advice of the print above and 'keep it simple'. I want to be clear about my goal and purpose for my business and also make sure that spending time with my son and my family is a priority. I am going to focus on saying no and not yet to more things this year so that things are simple but focused. 

Have you written out goals for your business this year? I would love to read them! 

FREE Phone Wallpapers

If you follow me on instagram, you might have noticed that every Monday I have been sharing a different phone wallpaper that you can screenshot and use on the phone. I have really enjoyed it and it has really encouraged me to be more consistent with creating and trying out different styles and patterns to see what works well as a background. 

Now obviously instagram stories are only available for 24 hours - which is part of the fun of it, but I am suddenly here with loads of wallpapers on my computer and it seemed a shame not to share them somewhere a bit more permanently - so people who have maybe missed them in my stories can enjoy them too. 

Just click on the link under the thumbnails below to download the image and load it as your background. And if you want to see the new ones that I will be uploading on stories every Monday then come follow me on instagram

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Christmas cards and washi tape

I am so excited to share with you this years Christmas card designs which are now up in the shop. I had such great feedback from people when I shared them on instagram stories, which I really appreciated and it was great to know that people like the designs too. I always find it so weird having to start thinking about Christmas designs so early in the year, but more and more I am learning how important it is to get organised with designing collections in time and especially when you factor in printing and packaging etc. You literally have to get those Christmas tunes playing in the summer months to get everything in place in time!

All of the designs were originally created by painting with ink, and then all the elements were scanned in and put together on the computer. The cards are A6 and printed on really beautiful textured card. You can't always see the texture in the images, but trust me it feels so nice and luxurious. They come with kraft envelopes - and each set has 4 designs and in the pack you get 2 of each - so 8 cards in total. The packs of 8 cards cost £10. 


The first pack above has got a simple green and navy blue colour palette. I like the colour palettes for my card sets to not be too overtly Christmassy but just have a subtle nod to the festive season. 

The second pack which is a Christian set (each card has a bible verse on the back) has a very typographic design, I decided to go a bit bolder on the colours (but again not too obviously Christmas colours) and I love how the coral red really pops against the rest of the colour palette. It looks almost neon! 

I have also brought back the set of cards that I designed last christmas as they were very popular and I really liked them. Again very minimal and subtle with the colour palette. This set also has matching gift tags available in the shop which is a nice added detail when putting your gifts together.  


Washi tapes
Another two new products that I am really, really excited about are these washi tapes. I have never designed washi tape before, but I have been wanting to for a while and so decided to take the plunge just in time for Christmas. I really love how versatile washi tape is. It is great for making envelopes look beautiful, but also for putting prints on the wall, or other DIY projects around the house. I also really like using it with some kraft wrapping paper to make pretty presents for people. 


I hope you enjoy the new designs. I have a few other things in the works too, so hopefully there will be more products in the shop before Christmas is upon us. Also, if you sign up to the mailing list in the box below, I will be sending out a discount code to subscribers on Friday. So keep your eye out for that email in your inbox and happy shopping. 


Just popping in briefly today to let you know that the shop is open again for all your greetings cards, prints and enamel pin needs (haha well maybe not all of them, lets not carried away now). 

I have lots of ideas up my sleeve for new products and a bit of a redesign of the shop and website, and I will slowly be working on those in every nap time available over the next couple of months, but I thought I might as well get the shop up and running and then I can add and change as I go along. 

If you sign up to my newsletter which is going out tomorrow there is a 25% discount code to spend in the shop - a big thank you for those of you who have signed up already and are following along and getting up to date news, discount codes and freebies etc.

I have really felt so blessed because of all the support of my small business this past year - it has started to grow in exciting ways and I have really enjoyed working on it. 

If you do want the discount that I mentioned above I have made it super easy and have inserted the sign up box below so that it is easy peasy! 

Have a lovely Tuesday!

May - Life Lately

As we approach Reuben’s 10 month birthday and he has been out in the world longer than he was inside cooking, I feel like I am very tentatively coming out of the first baby fog and am slowly starting to think about work and how things are going to look like juggling motherhood and working. I tried to keep up a little bit of work since he was born. I only did things that didn’t involve a client or a deadline so that I didn’t feel any pressure and could work on things at my own pace (i.e. when R treated me with a good long nap). The perfect low pressure thing for me to keep going was my shop. If I managed to get a new product up that was great but if I didn’t no one would mind. Posting orders was totally manageable and a trip to the post office was a perfect outing for me and Reuben. I actually found doing a bit of work that connected me to my pre-baby self really helped me. Just having a little something creative to think about that wasn't baby related kept me sane in those first few months I think. 

Since we moved to Cardiff I had to hand in my notice at the job I was doing before R came along. I was so sad to say goodbye to my lovely colleagues and I am going to miss them so much, but I am excited that I am going to get a chance to do more freelance work. 

So I will be working on freelance work, my blog and shop 2 days a week (which will feel like such a luxury I imagine) and then I will look after R the rest of the time - squeezing a bit of work into the odd nap time I am sure. 

I am tentatively taking on a few small freelance design projects already - ones that I am confident that I can get done during evenings and weekends - but going forward I think there is going to be a bit of trial and error in terms of working out how much I can fit into my two freelance days. 

I will write another post soon with a bit more information about what sort of design services I will be offering and how we could work together. But until then if you have a project that you need a graphic designer for, feel free to get in touch and I can give you a quote and let you know my availability! 

Shop Update - New Print

Just a quick one today to let you know that there is a new print up in the shop. I have been meaning to add this to the shop for a while and it is finally up there

I have always loved traveling and the feelings that it inspires. There is something really amazing about changing your scenery, experiencing new things and exploring new cultures. I find it so inspiring and refreshing. Not everyone has the means or the opportunities to travel the world far and wide but I think you can experience the same sort of things even just from a day out in a new place near where you live. I think often it is the attitude that you approach it with that counts. 

I don't think we will be going on any travels any time soon with little Reuben on the scene (apart from visiting family) - but I am looking forward to exploring new places in my own city and also trying to see the familiar places with new eyes. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

Shop Update: Enamel Pins

I am so excited to let you know these enamel pins are now up in the shop. 'Winging it' pretty much feels like my life motto right now what with learning how to take care of a little baby - and I always feel encouraged when I remind myself that everyone else is usually winging it too! SO wear this badge with pride and let the world know - you have no idea what you are doing and you are just WINGING IT one day at a time - we are all in this together. 

As I mentioned you can get these pins from my online shop on this website and also from my etsy shop. They are currently available for pre-order at a special discounted price of £5 (postage is £1 within the UK) and will be shipped out on 15th August. On 12th August the price will go up to £7 - so get in there quick if you want one at the discounted price. You have a week to get your order in! The pins are 25mm wide and are black and gold. They will be pinned on a backing board and mailed out in a small padded envelope to keep them safe and protected. 

I would love to hear what you think of these pins. I am so excited to be expanding my product range and I would love to add more pins soon as I already have lots more ideas.


Hope you all have a great pintastic weekend! 

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Shop update: New Print

I don't update my online shop nearly as often as I would like - and frankly that is just life - I can't always do it all, but I try not to give myself too hard a time over it. I know there will be periods where I can spend more time on it than others and that is ok. I am having a bit of a push to get lots of new products into the shop that have been hanging out as ideas in my head for far too long now. Last week I put up the new Father's Day Cards and this week I would like to share with you a new print that I designed.  


When I read this bible verse from Psalms I knew that it was something that I wanted up in our nursery so that I could read it on a regular basis. Then I decided it would be a great gift to give to a couple of my friends who have recently become or are about to become parents. I wanted to keep it simple but I also wanted the type to be white rather than black and a bit more subtle than my other prints. 


I decided to go for a simple grey background but then I tried a green version and liked that too - so I decided to get them printed double sided so that my friends could choose which colour they prefer and fit better in their homes. Genius huh! It is basically two prints for the price of one! 


I got a few extra printed to go in the shop. They are printed on really beautifully textured card and as mentioned above one side has the grey background and then the other has the green background. They are A4 and could be displayed in a standard A4 frame or would even look cool on a clipboard on the wall, or washi taped on too. 

I think they would be perfect for a kids nursery or as a gift for a new mum. Or actually they would be great to inspire and encourage anyone. The Psalms really are beautiful.

If you want to get your hands on one they are on sale for only £6.

Shop Update: Father's Day Cards

I managed to get my act together and get my Father's Day card designs up in the shop in time. While I was on holiday I brainstormed and doodled some ideas and that really helped me to just get the ball rolling and get painting when I got back. 

I kept the colour palette simple with blue and green. It was fun experimenting with watercolours but still using my signature hand lettering style. I definitely want to experiment more with my style and how I use colour in my designs. 


There are 4 designs to choose from and as usual they are printed on really beautiful quality thick card. Each card comes with a white envelope and will be packaged in a plastic sleeve to protect it. Visit the shop to order. Father's Day is June 19th so you have plenty of time! 

If you want to get a discount code sign up to my newsletter in the box below. The first newsletter is ready and waiting to be shipped with a mega discount code and also with a free printable for a really cool hand lettered print that would look great on your wall. 

Things I have learnt in 7 years as a graphic designer

I can't actually believe this but from this January I have been working as a graphic designer for 7 years! I guess my experience extends a bit longer too as I was doing freelance work before that when I was at university. Anyway, that is a pretty long time and so I thought it might be fun to share some of the lessons that I have learnt in that time. So here goes...

1. Only present ideas you are happy with. Otherwise you can guarantee the client will choose the one you don't like - so it's best to not even let that be an option. Yes you probably won't like all of your ideas equally - but at least if they are all strong then you won't resent having to work on and develop them further. 

2. Come up with a good way of filing your work. Now this is something that I have not always been great at and am still working on improving, but we don't only have to deal with organising our physical possessions anymore, we now have to keep our digital possessions organised too, and there is often a lot! With your work you want to be able to find old and current work as quickly as possible. Name your files sensibly and also come up with a folder system to keep it all organised. Do this from the start and you will thank yourself down the line when you need to find old files from a client who wants an update.

3. Keep old rejected ideas. They might be useful for other projects in the future. This has worked in my favour a few times and has saved time and has meant that I have been able to re-use and re-purpose designs that I really liked and are appropriate for another project again. The ideas are yours and so you are totally entitled to use them again - but you probably need to be a bit sensitive about it depending on who the clients are. 

4. Communication is key. A lot can get lost over email - phone calls and meeting face to face are often better if possible. I have definitely learnt this recently. Often people don't love talking on the phone and it's a lot more effort to meet the client in person - but honestly nothing beats being able to present your ideas face to face and for the client to see your enthusiasm and be able to ask questions there and then. You can also get a much clearer idea about what they feel about them.

5. Don't charge an hourly rate but a total amount for the project. So this was something that I only really started to consider recently after reading quite a few different articles about it. The main idea that really struck me was that as you improve and gain more experience as a designer you will work faster. This means that unless you are increasing your hourly rate regularly you will actually be earning less the more experienced you get when people should be paying more for that experience. For me, with some clients it is just not appropriate to charge a fee for the whole project (and if they are the sort of clients that make lots of amends it can be helpful to charge hourly) - but I am going to try and do this as often as I can in the future. 

6. Knowing when to fight for your ideas and when not to. Often working with a really good client makes the end result even better. They bring ideas and feedback that are really helpful and constructive. Sometimes the client doesn't always know what's best though and in those instances you need to decide when to fight for your ideas. Part of it is about educating the client about the process but also you have to remember that you are the professional designer and that you have insight and experience that they might not have and there might be things they have not considered or thought about. It's always important to be polite and respectful and most often than not they will really appreciate your feedback and ideas and will really take them on board. I think that is when a client/designer works really well - when there is mutual respect and trust so that can share your different ideas and work well together. 

Are you designer? Do you have any other lessons to add that have helped you? I would love to hear them if you do. If you are not a designer I hope you found this an interesting insight into working as a designer. A lot of these lessons I think would be pretty relevant to other jobs too. 

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New Shop Launch
Liz Mosley - New Shop

One of my goals for this year was to launch my shop on my own website - and I am so happy to share with you today that it is a reality! It is live, and just in time for Christmas too. For a while you will see a little announcement bar at the top of the website telling you that the new shop has launched. You will still be able to buy things from my Etsy shop too if that is your preference but from now on I will be promoting this shop.

There are still so many things I want to change and improve about my website and I am gradually working towards that, making changes one step at a time so keep your eyes out for those down the line. 

Another thing that I am excited about is that my Christmas cards are up in the shop too! I went through lots of doodles and ideas before I was happy with these and I love how they have turned out. They are available in packs of 8 and you get 2 of each design. They are printed on really nice thick 325gsm uncoated card and come with kraft envelopes. I am going to be sending out an email newsletter to my subscribers at the weekend with a discount code for the new shop so sign up for that below if you want to save on your shopping. 

Liz Mosley Christmas Cards

Hope you are all having lovely week.

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Handlettering in October
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.10.55.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.09.30.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.11.09.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.09.43.png
Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 09.12.08.png

It is the end of October (!!!) and so in my mind the Christmas preparations are going to start soon. Sorry if you hate me for saying that, but I like to have plenty of time to think about present ideas and plan out what I need to do. In November I am going to share some gift ideas and will be launching my own Christmas card designs very soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Here is this month's handlettering offerings. I snuck in a black on white one for a bit of a change but I think I prefer the white on black to be honest. 

I am struggling a bit with blogging at the moment and keeping up with it all, but I still really enjoy it and so am going to keep plodding on. I have had a few ideas for being more time effective with how I create content so hopefully that will help. I am always trying to think of ideas to improve and get better.

Hope you are all having inspired and creative weeks. 

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A notebook giveaway

Hi, my name is Liz and I have a notebook addiction. It is a bit of a problem really, I seriously can't get enough of them. I have quite a collection at home, and some of them are so pretty that I can't bear to use them. Crazy huh! I also can't seem to give gifts to my friends without there being a notebook in there. So eventually me designing some of my own just had to happen. 

I am so excited that I will be selling these at the Crafty Fox Market on Sunday - and then next week I will aim to get them up in the shop


In these photographs are only the A5 notebooks but there are also a couple of little A6 ones too which would be super handy to have in your bag for quick notes and lists and things. Also did you noticed the inked polka dot insides. I love that bit! The notebooks all have blank pages inside. 

So anyway here is the exciting bit. I have decided to give a few of them away! In the next couple of weeks I am going to be sending out my very first newsletter (eek!) - Everyone who signs up to the newsletter in the box below will have their name entered and I will pick two names at random to win a set of the two A5 notebooks. I will email the winners on Monday (5th October).

Also, in case you were in any doubt here is a great article about why you should carry a notebook with you everywhere

Hope you all have a great weekend and if you don't have plans on Sunday come and visit Crafty Fox and say hey! I would love to meet you in person!

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Handlettering for August and September

In the crazy busyness of August I totally forgot to post my hand lettering offerings for the month so here are the latest - all of which you can find on instagram. I am trying to shake things up in a tiny way and I really like how the 'Monday' lettering turned out. 

I have been designing lots of new cards recently and some prints in preparation for the Crafty Fox Market (please come and say hi! I would love to meet you) - and so there should be a big shop update in the next couple of weeks. Need to knuckle down and photograph everything. 

Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering
Liz Mosley Handlettering

I am still trying to get back on top of my blogging schedule - in a couple of weeks I go back to 4 days a week in my day job so I should have a bit more time to get on top of things like the blog and my shop. Am really looking forward to pushing things forward and ticking off a few more of my goals for the year! 

What are you guys up to this week? Hope you have a great Monday. 

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hand lettering // July
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
Hand Lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley
hand lettering - Liz Mosley

I think I had been getting a bit stuck in a rut again with my hand lettering..but I really like the last 3 of this set. They are a bit different and a bit more interesting. I am going to try and use these hand letterings on instagram as a chance to experiment a bit more as I really don't do that enough. 

In other news have you seen this cute little series Bianca has started where she hand letters things her friends have said? She included something I said - turns out a lot of people can identify, haha! I am looking forward to checking out more of them as the series continues. 

In other hand lettering news I am trying to get back into practising my calligraphy after this workshop earlier in the year. I want to do the next level workshop but definitely need to work a bit harder on it before I am ready to sign up. 

Hope you all have a lovely Friday and a great weekend. I am looking forward to hanging out with my siblings. 

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Summer goals for my business
Summer Goals - Liz Mosley

I like thinking up goals and plans for my business in January when I am feeling all excited about the potential for the new year, but in the summer I always seem to get the urge to sit down and take stock of where I have got to and also come up with some new goals (or remind myself about ones created in January that I still want to complete). Although I have a bit less time to spend on the business having gone back to full time work for a few months, my brain is whizzing with ideas and plans for what I want to achieve. 

I thought for accountability and also transparency that I would just write these things down and give you a bit of an idea of what I have planned and what I am working towards in the second half of 2015. 

Set up a shop on my own website
I love Etsy and it has been a great start for my little business but I am feeling eager to get the shop up and running on my own website. I am in the process of moving things over and also adding new products. I am not sure what the exact launch date will be but I will keep you posted!

Start an email newsletter
I have been umming and ahhing about this one for a while. I have read/listened to lots of people going on about how you must have a newsletter. I can see the positives, but need to really sit down and spend some time thinking about how it would work. Anyway, I have decided to launch it in October. It will probably be some behind the scenes stuff, exclusive discount codes for the shop and maybe some free printables and downloads that are not available on the website. If you are keen to sign up and see what happens then there is a box in the banner on the right of this blog - it will probably start off being just once a month or fortnightly so no spamming for sure. 

Get organised for Christmas
I know, I know, sorry for mentioning the C word...but if you run a shop, especially if you design cards this is the reality...designing Christmas cards in August. I have got a plan for what I want to do cards wise this year so I need to get on it and make it a reality. I want to have designed and printed the cards in plenty of time to photograph them get them up in the shop and also start promoting them, rather than them being a bit of mad rush after thought! (ahem...a bit like last year). I feel glad that I am learning and getting a bit more organised year on year though.

Add more stock to the shop
I think I will always be frustrated on this one...that I just never have as much time as I would like to design more products. I was hoping to be able to add things to the shop almost weekly but let's be honest that was not realistic. But I am going to try and have a big push over the next few months and make the ideas floating around in my head an actual reality. 

Sell my stuff at market/fair
Eek this has been on my goal list for a while and to be honest I am not sure it will happen this year...I think I probably don't have a big enough range of stock yet..but I am going to keep working towards this goal even if it happens in 2016 rather than this year. 

Do you have any goals that you are working towards for the second half of the year? I would love to hear them! 

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handlettering // June
Liz Mosley - handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering

Can you believe it is the end of June - I reckon this summer is going to whizz right by. I have been trying to keep up with handlettering and here are a few of this month's offerings. I usually post them on my instagram so you can follow along with them there. I have been sticking with the white on black but I feel like I need to push myself and try something different so I might branch out a bit and try some other things. 

You can see more of my hand lettering stuff in my Etsy shop, I have been working on some commissions recently so if you have a quote or phrase that you love and that you would like handlettered feel free to get in touch for a quote! 

Hope you all have a great day!

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the winner and this months handlettering

Guy's the winner of the epic birthday giveaway is Laura! Please drop me an email and let me know your address so that I can post all the lovely goodies your way! I have had such a lovely week and so far being 30 is going great! Next week we are heading to New York and Boston and I CANNOT WAIT! If anyone has any good recommendations of places to visit in either city, please let me know. 

As I mentioned last month I haven't been keeping up with the #52handlettered prompts but I have been working on my hand lettering regularly and posting it to Instagram. Here are a few of the ones that I created this month. I am still enjoying the white on black look so that is good. 

Liz Mosley - Handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering
Liz Mosley - handlettering

Hope you all have an amazing Friday and a great weekend. I have scheduled posts for while I am away for the next couple of weeks. The shop will be closed from this evening and will open again on Friday 12th (with plenty of time to still get Father's Day cards for June 21st). You can follow along on my American adventures on Instagram and Twitter

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Shop update: Father's Day Cards
FathersDay01 copy.jpg

Guys, Father's Day is quite a way away yet but I wanted to give you all enough time to get your card orders in and if you are anything like me maybe you like to get this sort of thing sorted as early as possible! There are four Father's Day cards now available in the shop

It is always interesting to me that the card I think will be the most popular often isn't and it actually ends up being another! Which one is your favourite?


The cards are up in the shop now if you want to check them out! The shop will be closed during the first two weeks of June but there is plenty of time before and after that to get your card order in. 

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

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