A weekend in Corfe Castle, Dorset

Sometimes I get so excited about travelling and exploring different countries that I think a lot of time I forget how amazing and beautiful the country I live in really is. I need to make an effort to explore it more and appreciate it more than I currently do. 

Last weekend we went to Corfe Castle in Dorset and it was just stunning. We stayed actually in Corfe Castle (not the actual castle but the village it is in which is also called Corfe Castle) in a really cute - what looked like a cottage from the outside, but inside was actually a massive house that slept 15 of us and had a huge garden. You could wander around pretty much the whole village in about 15 minutes and I loved it. We went to the local pub for drinks and dinner, we went to the village bakery for croissants and bacon rolls, we went to the sweet shop/newsagents for the paper, eavesdropping on the village gossip and just generally wandered around enjoying village life. I don't think I could do it all the time but there is something so lovely about life in a little village. 

On Saturday we got the steam train from Corfe Castle to Swanage for the day to see the sea and then on Sunday we did a quick tour of the Castle before heading to Arne nature reserve. Check out some of the pictures...I couldn't recommend visiting this beautiful part of the country more! 


I took all of these photos using my iphone and edited them with the VSCO app. 

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