Book Review - Envelopes by Harriet Russell

Over the years I have been a big fan of collecting beautiful design and illustration books. I have had to cut back on this in recent years because I am running out of space but there is nothing like holding and looking through a really beautiful design book. Recently I have been trying to look through and enjoy old books that I have had for ages but not looked at for a while, and so I thought I would start a feature on the blog where once a month I share one of my favourites. Mostly these will be books that I already own and enjoy (and are probably quite old) but every now and then I might use it as an excuse to treat myself to a new one. 

So to start the ball rolling I want to share with you Envelopes by British illustrator Harriet Russell. What I really love about this book is the sense of humour in it. The concept of the project was to challenge the postman...and see how much effort he/she would put into solving puzzles to work out what the address is. 

The book is full of beautiful envelopes created in Harriet's lovely illustrative style. I have always been a lover of snail mail and so I was immediately drawn to this book and it always inspires me to try and make my envelopes a bit more interesting. You can totally imagine these letters making the postman smile as he went about his/her day. 

The book is smallish and quite thin but has a really good hardback cover and is nicely and simply laid out inside with one envelope on each page. The end papers (below) are also a really fun detail with a collage of the insides of envelopes. I love the patterns on the insides of envelopes and have a little collection of my own (and even made some envelopes out of them) - so this totally floats my boat!

This is the sort of book that you could flick through quite quickly and that would be lovely to have laying around the house for people to pick up, it would definitely bring a smile to their faces. I think it would also make a great gift for illustrators/designers/snail mail lovers.