Food Planning

Two of my missions at the moment are saving money and eating healthily (but still yummy food!) I think this is probably similar for a lot of people. I think part of the problem is my disorganization in both of these areas so I decided to get organized. Now this is not always easy because no two of my weeks look the same. There is not really a major routine, but usually at the beginning of each week I have a good idea of what is going on and whether I will be in or out in the evenings, so I decided I would create myself a weekly meal planner. That way I can buy food at the beginning of the week that I know I will be able to use up in various meals – so saving money…and the fact that I have planned means I am less likely to grab something unhealthy because I don’t have anything in to eat. I love the challenge of trying to do both these things and finding creative ways to tackle them. If you want to try doing a meal planner, feel free to download my pdf meal planner HERE. (before you download please read terms and conditions) I did it in a few different colours so just pick you favourite. Download and just print it out and fill it in – and maybe hang it on a clip board in the kitchen so you always know what is going on. Happy planning.