Just get started

Oh boy - I have started writing this post so many times - I don't know what is wrong with me but at the end of last year with everything going on, life, work, the shop, selling at craft fairs, I just sort of fell out of the habit of blogging regularly. This has been probably the longest accidental break from blogging that I have had for a while, but when the New Year came round I just found it so hard to get stuck back in again. I can't really put my finger on why to be honest, maybe a lack of inspiration and ideas, maybe a creative rut, maybe too many other things to think about - but I have missed it, the routine and structure and a space to be creative in a different way.  I guess it just got to the point where I had to make a start. So here it is. I am back. I am making a fresh start.

This is going to be a pretty short post - I am just easing back in but I just wanted to mention that there is a MEGA sale going on in the shop at the moment. Seriously, most things are 50% off and there are so many bargains. It ends on the 16th January so you still have a few days to get involved - and some things once they are gone will be gone forever. 

I will be back later in the week with my goals for this year. I have quite a lot of them buzzing around my head so I think I need to think them through and make sure they are not totally unrealistic. 

I would also like to do a post reflecting back on my goals last year and how I got on with them. It is always encouraging to look back and see how far you have actually come even if you don't manage to achieve everything. 

I hope January hasn't been too blue for you and you are looking forward to the year ahead! Also, if you have written posts with your goals in I would love to read them! Just post a link in the comments below!

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