Letterpress - Week 2/3

The last two weeks of the letterpress course we have been playing around with wooden type. I was drooling by the time she had pulled out all the different draws of type. They were beautiful. Some of them were really old, and some of the typefaces were incredible. We started of using an Albion press and then the week after we were using a Vandercook press. The Vandercook was the first press we had used that had mechanical rollers so as you pulled the rollers across the type they were inked. The cool thing about the Vandercook is that depending on how where you place the ink on the rollers you can create really beautiful gradients. We were just playing around and doing experiments as a group so it doesn't really mean anything but there were some really lovely effects that came out. I think that is what I love about letterpress...the happy accidents - things that would never happen if you were doing this on a computer. I love the ampersand near the top right of the image below and the effects that are created by over printing. So satisfying. Next week we are going to be using the Adana presses. Will let you know how I get on!! (all the images were edited with VSCO CAM)