Lizzy loves


I sometimes tease my dad that his favourite colour is brown and beige. When I was younger I loved bright colours. I went to school wearing a matching legging and t-shirt combo covered in flowers which resulted in some bees getting confused and thinking I was a bush of flowers. Someone once looked in my wardrobe and said it was visually offensive because of all the bright colours. I have got older I feel like my tastes are changing. I am much more drawn to natural and muted shades and colours, In my house decor, my wardrobe and also my accessories. I like that my style and tastes are changing. This is a collection of a few things I saw on the interweb and were drawn to, and don't you think they all look pretty together?

I don't think I can really tease my dad anymore because I love a bit of beige...but I love tan even more!

1. Monthly Planner2. Toothbrushes3. Storage Jars4. Shoes5. Shelving6. Bag

I have been dreaming about having something like number 5 on a wall for a while now. One day I will find something that fits perfectly.