An evening at the London Graphic Centre

LGC_02 copy copy.jpg

The London Graphic Centre has been one of my favourite shops for the longest time and I have been shopping there ever since I was an art student (it is actually freaking me out how long ago that was now!). Whenever I would visit London I would pop in and I got myself a really nice portfolio folder from there to go around to all my interviews when I graduated. 

I am now lucky enough to work pretty nearby, so I can pop in on a lunch hour or after work and browse all the paints, inks and pens and try not to spend ALL OF MY MONEY!

Anyway last week they hosted an evening for creative bloggers to pop along and see what they were up to. I jumped at the chance and the evening did not disappoint. 

Not only was it awesome to meet some of the other lovely creative bloggers that I have been following online for ages but never met in real life (and guess what - they were totally lovely in real life), but I also got to wander around the store after hours and drool over everything and also play with some new products and partake in a bit of colouring in. 

The London Graphic Centre have events planned in the next few months for things like halloween and Christmas but an exciting one that is coming up is student day on the 6th October. If you are an art student you need to get yourselves down there because not only will there be lots of fun activities, food items (art supplies and food is a totally winning combo in my book) - but you will also be able to get a 15% discount and this goodie bag jam packed with useful art supplies. They gave me one of the goodie bags to check out and it is seriously so generous. Check out some of the things you can get your hands on....


How cool is that Freitag card wallet! Anyway if you are an art student totally get yourself over to London Graphic Centre next Tuesday, and thanks to all the staff at LGC for organising such a great evening. 

Hope you are all have a lovely week!

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