things I am loving on etsy

Guys, I have been finding so many beautiful shops and amazing things on etsy recently and I haven't done a post sharing what I am loving on etsy for a while (since this one) so I thought It was time. I have been umming and ahhing because I have a gift voucher and I just can't decide what to spend it on! I have tried to keep it to the UK and Europe but the odd US/Aus entry might have sneaked in! 

1. How cute is this calligraphy kit. This would make such a great gift for a creative friend or just for yourself if you wanted to learn. Ever since taking this modern calligraphy class I am obsessed with all things calligraphy. 

2. I love this shop Depeapa - and I am a fan of all things spattered ink...this bag is cute with the little blush details too. 


3. I love love love this shop and especially this hands print. Would look so good on my wall! 

4. This thank you stamp is so cute. It is always nice to say thank you right?

5. Not sure why but I am currently obsessed with ring dishes. I haven't bought one yet but am on the look out and this one is super cute.


Hope you all have a lovely day - and enjoy perusing these etsy shops.

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