Maps of New York

Do you like maps? I am a bit of a fan of a good map. I have had these Herb Lester maps for a while now and I am so excited that now I am going to actually be able to use them when we go to New York in June. I really love these maps from Herb Lester. I have quite a few for London too and one for Paris. They are small and pocket size and have lots of interesting suggestions of places to go. There is just something so satisfying about a beautifully created and illustrated map - it is such an incredible skill, because let me tell you I have dabbled in map making and its not easy. There are so many things to consider! Not only do you want them to look good but they need to be accurate, and easy to read and there is so much information to fit in!


I was really excited when I found the map below at Papersmiths in Clifton at the weekend. It is a map of lots of great burger places in NYC - ha that is totally something I can get on board with. I will be taking this one too. This is created by a company called 'All you can eat press' - they have a few different maps for NY including all you can eat doughnuts! 

Ages ago I had a dream about trying all of the restaurants in my local area and making a little local map like this and designing it all and including reviews and things. It could get pretty expensive and take so long but maybe one day I will do it...I would definitely like to practise my map making skills anyway!

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse at these map beauties! Happy Friday, hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are up to!

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