A messy beautiful life


Something I have realised recently is how important for us it is to not feel alone - to know that others are going through the same thing as us, or have been through the same thing/can identify with us. Life is a struggle but how much better does it feel when you realise others are dealing with the same thing. This is why I think one of the most valuable brave and beautiful things is when people are open and honest about their struggles, their messy lives. It is all to tempting to bury it, to hide it and pretend all is well, like you have got it all sorted. We put on this calm and controlled exterior and work so hard to hide the messy and crazy underneath. I have been the MOST blessed by some beautifully honest friends who haven't been afraid to share the nitty gritty bits of their lives, their struggles and the hard stuff. Basically it gives me hope. Its not always going to be easy..but thats ok. we will get through...especially if we all help each other out. I need to try and remember to share the hard stuff...who knows how it might help someone.

This photo is by the wonderfully talented Andrew Urwin.

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