Modern Calligraphy Workshop

For ages I have wanted to learn calligraphy and particularly modern calligraphy. Before Christmas at work we talked about doing a bit of a team building/fun activity in January to inspire us and give us something to look forward to after Christmas had past, so I got in touch with Quill London as quite a lot of bloggers I follow had been to one of their workshops and loved it. 

Quill regularly run modern calligraphy workshops in London but because there was quite a big group of us they put together a workshop especially for us, and we were not disappointed. 

The workshop was 3 hours long and our lovely teacher Chiara from Lamplighter London provided all the materials that we would need (and got to keep afterwards so that we could keep practising) and took us through the process. The class was really well structured and the tasks that were set were really helpful in developing our skills. Chiara was lovely and spent time helping people individually to improve their technique.

It was exciting being taught the basics and being given the skills (and tools) necessary to practice and improve. Part of me was really excited about what I was able to do after just 3 hours, but I also realised how much practice I will need to get really good. But I am really keen to do the practice and improve so that forming the letters and being creative with the glyphs and how letters join each other comes a lot more naturally to me. Watch this space for hopefully more calligraphy action in 2015!