Moodboard Monday

Guys, I am back and it feels good! After some pretty sporadic blogging over August I am back into the swing of things now and posting will resume as normal, 3 days a week again. I think this summer has been a good lesson in being a bit more realistic in what I can achieve. It has been good to have a bit of a break though and so I am thinking that maybe once a year I will take a month off the blog (probably in August) to recharge and get new ideas etc. 

So I thought I would kick things off with a Moodboard Monday to get me ready for the week ahead. I have lots of fun things coming up over the next few weeks to share with you including some new products. I will also be sending out my first ever email newsletter (eek!) which you can sign up to in the side bar if you so desire (I really think you should haha!) .

How beautiful are these images. They are things that have been floating across my screen recently and getting me inspired to create. Click on the images to go to the sources. 

I hope you all have a lovely Monday and that you are enjoying the change of season!

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