places I would like to visit in the UK

I don't know if it is just because we have just got back from holiday so I am automatically thinking about the next adventure, but recently I have been thinking about places that I would like to explore that are a bit closer to home in the UK. I think I always forget how many incredible places there are on this little island to check out. I don't think we will do another holiday this year now...but if we do these are a few places in the UK that are on my list to check out. I think also after doing quite a lot of city trips we are both craving something a bit more remote and scenic (there are still a few cities on here though - we can't help ourselves!). 

The Lake District 
This is a place that I am kind of surprised I haven't been to yet but after seeing Siobhan's pictures from her trip there it is firmly on my list of places that I want to explore. The scenery just looks so beautiful. I can totally imagine staying in a cute cottage and going for long walks and watching films and reading in the evenings. The image below is one of Siobhan's

A city that I feel like I have read a lot about and heard lots of amazing things about but have just never managed to spend any time there.....yet. I drove through it once and the architecture did look beautiful. Image found here.

Scottish Highlands
The photo below was taken by Josh Brine. Doesn't it just look out of this world stunning. I love the thought of hiking through these wild and rugged hills and then snuggling up with a good book in the evenings. 

Ok so Cornwall is a big place but I would love to do a bit of a road trip (maybe in a camper van?) and explore loads of the beautiful beaches, villages and towns. I spent 3 years studying in Falmouth and it was a pretty beautiful place to hang out. I haven't been back for years but I think NM would love it. Click image to see original source. 

Oxford is where my parents used to live and where they met, and they did take me a couple of times when I was a kid but it was such a long time ago that I would love to go back and explore. The architecture and history is just so interesting. The photo below is by Ella Masters.

Another beautiful historic town not too far away from London. I fancy a trip here too. I think we could probably do it in a day which would be a fun outing in the summer. Click on the image to head to original source.

Are there any other places that you think I should add to my list? I am definitely hoping to tick off a few of these over the next couple of years and see more of what the UK has to offer! We explored Corfe Castle earlier in the year and I really enjoyed it. 

We are off on a quick road trip to Devon this weekend for the wedding of some lovelies. I hope you all have a great weekend whatever you are up to! 

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