Shop Small: Christmas Cards


This year as I am on maternity leave and not selling any of my own products, I thought I would share the love for some other of my favourite small businesses and do a series of Christmas gift guides on the blog. I have decided to start off with Christmas cards which is one of my favourite things to shop for from independent illustrators and designers as they are often so beautiful and different from what you might pick up in the high street shops. I am going to keep the format of these posts pretty simple - and below are 8 of my favourite packs or designs that I have seen and I really hope that you will love them too. Yes buying from small independent businesses can end up costing a little bit more, but usually the quality, the gorgeous designs and the customer service make it work while. As a small business owner myself I can tell you for sure every sale really does make a difference to the people behind the scenes (and it is often just one person doing everything) and Christmas is an especially important time for them. Maybe you can’t afford to shop small for all of your christmas cards or all of your gifts, which I totally get, but even just one pack of cards, or one gift can make a big difference. And if you want to find out more you can always check out the Just a Card campaign which is constantly championing and supporting small, independent, and local businesses. Enjoy shopping and I hope you find something that you love below. Also keep an eye out for my gift guides which will be coming up in the next few weeks right here on the blog!