All Change - time for a studio

office inspiration

So its pretty crazy around here (well its not really but it feels like it to me) and the next 2 months are going to be full of change. Its exciting but also a bit overwhelming! In less than 2 weeks my housemates are moving out...and then in less than 5 weeks I will be LIVING WITH A BOY!! (admittedly an extremely a very neat a tidy boy - but still!) - Anyway one of the things that I am really excited about (after getting married to NM obvs) - is that we are going to have a lot more space and I am going to finally have a little studio/office space which I have been dreaming about for ages. I can't wait to have a space that is designated to all my creative and crafty books and tools - and just a space that I can make super inspiring - a lovely place to work basically. For ages I have been collecting images on pinterest of things that inspire me that I could one day do in my home/garden....and I know we will probably do a bit of decorating and changing of things when NM moves that it feels like our home and not just my home. So first stop studio/office. Here is my moodboard of pretty things that I am getting excited about. If you want to follow me on Pinterest please do!

(next week I think I will do a kitchen moodboard)

Here are links to all of the images:

Blackboard wallInspiration wall 01Inspiration wall 02White desk / grey wallPolaroidsdesk tidypost organiserMagazine tidy / basketcute brown deskClipboard wall