Studio Tour

A little while ago my friend Samee suggested that I should do a little studio tour on the blog. I had never really thought about doing it because the place is usually a mess and pretty small but I started thinking about it and actually, I am pretty nosey and love seeing where people work and all the little details that they have on their walls I thought what the heck, why not. She very kindly came over and took some photos of me in the studio and around the house. 

I am not that good at having my photo taken, I am usually pulling a silly face and not very photogenic but Samee is a total pro, she made me feel so at ease, chatted to me and distracted me so that she got natural looking shots. If you need something or someone photographing I can't recommend this gal enough. It was such a fun afternoon. I will be using some more of her photos in other posts in the coming weeks too.

I feel so so lucky to have this dedicated space for my work and creativity (especially in London where space is such a premium) and I am appreciating it even more now that I have gone down to 4 days a week. It really is my happy place. I was having a lot of fun playing around with my new pot of white ink!

I hope you have enjoyed having a little snoop around. I am hoping to get a new desk soon, which I think will totally transform the space and make it even better. If any of you have done a post sharing your studio space or where you work I would love to see it - feel free to link the post in the comments!

All of these photographs were taken by Samee Lapham. Check out her website and instagram to see more of her skills! 

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