Summer goals for my business

Summer Goals - Liz Mosley

I like thinking up goals and plans for my business in January when I am feeling all excited about the potential for the new year, but in the summer I always seem to get the urge to sit down and take stock of where I have got to and also come up with some new goals (or remind myself about ones created in January that I still want to complete). Although I have a bit less time to spend on the business having gone back to full time work for a few months, my brain is whizzing with ideas and plans for what I want to achieve. 

I thought for accountability and also transparency that I would just write these things down and give you a bit of an idea of what I have planned and what I am working towards in the second half of 2015. 

Set up a shop on my own website
I love Etsy and it has been a great start for my little business but I am feeling eager to get the shop up and running on my own website. I am in the process of moving things over and also adding new products. I am not sure what the exact launch date will be but I will keep you posted!

Start an email newsletter
I have been umming and ahhing about this one for a while. I have read/listened to lots of people going on about how you must have a newsletter. I can see the positives, but need to really sit down and spend some time thinking about how it would work. Anyway, I have decided to launch it in October. It will probably be some behind the scenes stuff, exclusive discount codes for the shop and maybe some free printables and downloads that are not available on the website. If you are keen to sign up and see what happens then there is a box in the banner on the right of this blog - it will probably start off being just once a month or fortnightly so no spamming for sure. 

Get organised for Christmas
I know, I know, sorry for mentioning the C word...but if you run a shop, especially if you design cards this is the reality...designing Christmas cards in August. I have got a plan for what I want to do cards wise this year so I need to get on it and make it a reality. I want to have designed and printed the cards in plenty of time to photograph them get them up in the shop and also start promoting them, rather than them being a bit of mad rush after thought! (ahem...a bit like last year). I feel glad that I am learning and getting a bit more organised year on year though.

Add more stock to the shop
I think I will always be frustrated on this one...that I just never have as much time as I would like to design more products. I was hoping to be able to add things to the shop almost weekly but let's be honest that was not realistic. But I am going to try and have a big push over the next few months and make the ideas floating around in my head an actual reality. 

Sell my stuff at market/fair
Eek this has been on my goal list for a while and to be honest I am not sure it will happen this year...I think I probably don't have a big enough range of stock yet..but I am going to keep working towards this goal even if it happens in 2016 rather than this year. 

Do you have any goals that you are working towards for the second half of the year? I would love to hear them! 

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