Survival mode

So I am pretty much in survival mode at the moment. I knew that it would happen for a while over the summer as this is always the busiest time work wise - everyone getting things ready for September. But I have been busily working away behind the scenes on my own projects getting things ready for October. I am really excited about some new little adventures for my little biz that are coming up - one of which will be an email newsletter which you can sign up to in the side banner of this blog if you care to. The first email will go out at the end of September. It will include lots of freebies and discount codes and exclusive behind the scenes sort of things. 

Also in other news I was excited to find out last week that I will be selling at Crafty Fox market in October - on the 4th to be precise and so I would love for you to come along and say hi in person! It is a bit nerve wracking and it really feels like being thrown in at the deep end but I am exciting to get lots of stock ready to sell and there should be some new products ready for then too. Remember my summer goals that I shared a few weeks ago well I am on track and will soon be able to tick off selling at a craft fair/market! Hurrah! It is really encouraging and feels like I am moving in the right direction! Funny that it was the one I thought least likely to happen this year and it was the first one to fall into place. 

Anyway this blog post is really just a little update to let you know that I am surviving and working hard but my blog is being a tiny bit neglected right now while everything ramps up behind the scenes. But this neglect wont be for long...I will be back on it at the end of September and October and until then I will posting up bits an pieces as and when I can. 

I hope you are all enjoying the summer and getting to go on lots of adventures, and hello to all the lovely new readers that seem to have joined the party recently! So happy to have you here!

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