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Looking back on 2015

Last summer I put together some really concrete goals that I wanted to work on for my small business. So I thought I would do a little re-cap and let you know how I got on with all of them. Here is the original post if you want to check it out. 

1. Set up a shop on my own website
Yes! I finally managed to do this. I was really glad that I had this set up before Christmas. I haven't closed my Etsy shop and will still leave it there for now, but I'll focus more on promoting the shop on my website. I think it will take a while and will be slow growing but I am looking forward to adding more products to it and improving how it looks and works. 

2. Start an email newsletter
This one I totally failed on. I think if I'm honest I have been trying to do too many things and so this was just another ball to juggle that would've required a lot of work. I am frustrated with myself for not doing this and think I need to take my own advice about just getting started from my post earlier in the week, but this will definitely be on my goal list for 2016 and hopefully it will be achieved this year! I would love to be able to offer special discounts and behind the scenes updates to my regular followers.

3. Get organised for Christmas
I think there will always, always be room for improvement on this one but I was pleased that I managed to get two packs of Christmas cards up in the shop. It was still a bit touch and go getting them up in plenty of time and I feel like each year I am learning about timings when it comes to greetings cards. I want to try and be even more organised with it in 2016. 

4. Add more stock to the shop
One of my frustrations, as ever, is not being able to add as many new products to the shop as I would like to and I will need to think about what is realistic on this front in the coming year. I definitely didn't add as much stock as I would have liked in 2015 but I think I need to manage my expectations about what is realistic with all the other things that I have to balance. I also want to re-think which products I keep in stock too. Some I am really pleased with and some not so much, so I guess it will be a constant process of editing and refining. 

5. Sell my stuff at a market/fair
I think this was the achieved goal that I was most pleased with in 2015. I applied for markets not really sure if I would even get accepted. I ended up doing 3 markets between October and Christmas and it was such a learning experience and really valuable. The sales were good and I made more than I expected (except I did go with very low expectations! Ha) - but what I really loved was meeting customers in person and seeing people interact with my work. It made me so happy when people would pick up a card and laugh or smile at it. It was a really good reminder as to why I love to do what I do. If you have a small biz and haven't done any markets yet I would totally recommend it. I shared a post here with some info about doing your first craft fair and things to think about. 

I feel really happy with how I have pushed my business forward last year. I feel like things really have grown and developed and although I didn't achieve everything I set out to I achieved a lot of what I wanted to. I know there are still so many areas that I want to improve in and develop further and so I am looking forward to 2016 and moving forward in this little adventure of mine. I will be sharing my goals for 2016 in the next few days so come back and check that out. 

Thank you so much for all your support and following along with my creative journey here on the blog. After a bit of rest and taking it easy I am finally feeling excited and inspired about the year ahead and everything to come. 

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Happy New Year

I accidentally slightly abandoned my blog at the end of November. I totally intended to post in December but life just got in the way. I really want to try and get more organised so that that doesn't happen so often. I have had a really good break over christmas though and have been having a good think about how I want to develop this space and improve my blogging over the new year. I have been coming up with ideas for new features, and posts and giveaways etc, so hopefully I will have lots more inspiration and creativity to share in 2015. 

I hope you all had a great night last night and are not feeling too rough today. We had a nice chilled evening celebrating with close friends.

Anyway what I really popped in to say was HAPPY NEW YEAR - I hope 2015 is a great year for you all.