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30 things I have learnt in 30 years

So today I turn 30. I guess I feel like it should be a big momentous thing but I don't think it will be. I am looking forward to my 30s, I have heard lots of good things. I celebrated with my friends at the weekend and today I am celebrating with my family. My heart feels full. Anyway over the last month leading up to my birthday I decided to have a think about some of the things I feel like I have learnt over the last 30 years and I wanted to share them here we go.

1. Don't look at people and think they have a perfect life (this SO SO often catches me out). Everyone has crap they have to deal with so be kind to people. It is also helpful to remember this about people online. 

2. I love living a creative life. Although there are days when I don't love it as much as others, Graphic Design was totally the right route for me. 

3. Since being married I have known for sure that I am an extrovert (it has been confirmed because my husband is an introvert). I know I need to make sure I don't go too long without quality time with people to refresh me...otherwise I start to go a bit crazy. 

4. Some friendships won't last forever and that is ok, some of them will. 

5. Boundaries are so important! I know this one is going to be a lifelong lesson for me, but I can see how far I have come already - (maybe I need to do a whole blog post on boundaries). 

6. Don't wait until things are perfect, just get started and embrace the journey, even the messy not so pretty bits. 

7. Know yourself. Learning to understand yourself and why you behave and respond in particular ways can really help you to change and be better. 

8. Tell people how much you love them. 

9. Be grateful for what you have - who knows how long you will have it for.

10. Change can be hard but it's best to get used to it and embrace it because it will keep happening

11. It is always good to try and see things from other people's perspective. This doesn't come that naturally to me, but my mum is always great at reminding me to do this. 

12. You can't do everything and so learning to say no is very important. I think this will be a lifelong lesson for me too but I am getting better. 

13. Don't take yourself too seriously. Learning to laugh at yourself and make fun of yourself makes life a lot easier...and more fun! 

14. Make lists of things you are thankful for. The fact is life isn't fair, but often you have so so much to be thankful for. It totally changes your attitude if you focus on what you do have rather than what you don't.

15. Make lots of plans but also be flexible, it is great to have plans but it's also good to be able to go with the flow when things change - and they often do! 

16. Make time for fun. It feels so good to spend an evening just laughing a lot with friends! 

17. You are in charge of your happiness so take responsibility for it.

18. Forgive people. Holding on to bitterness and resentment is more damaging to you than the person you're angry with. You might think you are punishing them but really you are hurting yourself.  

19. Don't work too hard. It's great to have a job that you love and want to work hard at, but friends and family are the ones that will always be there for you, not your job. Make sure you make time for those relationships.

20. Don't trust your feelings. We are often encouraged to follow our gut and our heart - and sometimes that is great, but my feelings change on a daily (sometimes hourly!) basis - so possibly not the most reliable.

21. You need to choose to love. Sometimes you won't feel it, but that is ok - still make the choice to keep loving!

22. Keep learning and stay curious. I love learning and I want to try and make sure I always am! Sometimes I have to give myself a little nudge in the right directions as it is easy to get lazy about it. 

23. You define what success is. There is no formula, and success can look different for different people. Work out what is important to you and what you really care about and YOU define what success looks like. Some people won't agree with your idea of success - but that doesn't matter. 

24. It's ok if not everyone likes you. Not everyone will, but if you spend time trying to get everyone to like you you will just be exhausted and it will get you down. 

25. It is not all about me. It's so easy to get into my own little bubble and think that it is - but it's really not. 

26. Don't pretend to be perfect. Seriously nobody is, and it's just exhausting for you and for everyone else. 

27. Things don't make you happy, not for very long make sure you invest in people too!

28. Make sacrifices and help other people. Not only is it good for them but it is good for you too. 

29. Learn to be content spending time on your own - I am not good at this one but I am working on it...but there is something very precious about being quiet with your own thoughts. 

30. This is the most important one but I saved it until the end - You need Jesus! Sounds cheesy I know but seriously my major life lesson - and I am striving to be more like Jesus every day. You can check out what I believe here

What about you? Have you got any important life lessons you have learnt? I would love to hear any I might not have included in the comments below!

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Happy bank holiday, hope you are having fun wherever you are! 

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