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#52handlettered (April)
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Guys I have kind of fallen off the #52handlettered wagon. I might dip into it again later on but I have stopped following the prompts - BUT I have been posting handlettering on my instagram regularly which I am loving and plan to keep up with (every 6th post guys..that is how I roll now) and I guess I have kind of been coming up with my own prompts just inspired by what is going on with me. 

This month I have stuck with white type on black and I really love how it looks and I think it works really well in my instagram feed so I am definitely planning to stick with that for now!

I am not sure I will keep doing this but I have still done a little round up below of some of my other favourites that I have found on the #52handlettered hashtag this month! Just click on the images to go through to the instagram accounts and see who created them. 

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday folks! Hope you are feeling inspired and having a good week!

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#52handlettered (March)

I decided I wasn't getting the look that I wanted by just snapping a photo of my ink contributions - so I started scanning and also playing with watercolours and different colours. I departed from the blue totally and although I did love the blue ink I like how this month's are looking. I never really think my hand lettering has a distinct style but looking at this set I am realising that my style is developing and they all looking like they have been painted by the same person. I think that is a good thing but I still want to practice and improve my hand lettering style.

I recently got some white calligraphy ink which I have really enjoyed playing with. I just love how white ink looks on black or a dark coloured card. I haven't posted the one with white ink above...think it still needs some work. I always enjoy playing around with new materials though!

As usual I thought I would share some of my favourites from other people this past month. Click on the images below to link through to their instagram accounts. 

You can see January's and February's round up too. Hope you have a lovely Wednesday! Can't believe it's April!

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