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Book Review: Nib and Ink

A few weeks ago Chiara Perano's first book was released called Nib and Ink and I couldn't help myself but nab a copy. Last year I did a calligraphy workshop run by Chiara and it was so much fun. When this book arrived I was nicely surprised. There are lots of really beautiful details that make the designer in me happy and the content is a lot more detailed than I expected. 

The book is nice and thick and there is lots of space for practicing your letters. It starts off going through the basics and of modern calligraphy. It also gives you lots of information about the different tools that you can use and what everything is called, and gives you tips on how to use the book. 


To be honest I was really pleasantly surprised with just how much information is included (but there is not too much reading to hold you up from getting stuck in to practising). It really guides you through getting started too - firstly with practising simple strokes, then moving onto letters, and then later in the book joining the letters together. 


Another nice aspect of the book is all the ideas contained at the back on how you can use your new found modern calligraphy skills, for example, working on blackboards, addressing envelopes, gift tags and lots of other creative ideas. 


I only have one slight criticism of how the book is set up - because of the spine you kind of have to hold the pages flat with your other hand and you can't really move onto the next page until the page you are working on has dried. It might have been good to include practice sheets with the book that lay flat. I guess on the other side of this minor frustration it is nice of all your calligraphy practice is in one place rather than on sheets all over the place. 

Despite that, I still think this is such a great book and goes into so much detail that it is perfect for getting started in learning Modern Calligraphy. I would highly recommend it and I am really looking forward to carry on using it to work on and improve my calligraphy skills and develop my style. 

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