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A little project I am working on at the moment is growing courgettes. My dad has given me a helping hand and lots of advice. I germinated my seeds, re-potted them into bigger pots and then the weekend before last  I finally put them in the ground. I am checking them every day to make sure the snails haven't got to them (our garden is FULL of snails) and hoping for the best! If all goes well in a couple of months I should have a lot of courgettes. In preparation of having more courgettes than I know what to do with I thought I would scour the internet for some good recipes and inspiration for using them up. (to be honest even with all these recipes I think there will be more than I know what to do with, so friends look out...some might be coming your way!) - I had to keep reminding myself that Zucchini is the same thing as courgette...anyway here are some of my favourites that I am particularly looking forward to trying out!


1. Courgette and Tomato Chutney. I reckon these would make cute gifts and also should last for a quite a while

2. Courgette and Tomato soup...a friend of mine is growing tomatoes so I am hoping we can do a bit of a veg exchange...seriously it is like the good life round here!

3. I love that courgettes are so good for including in cakes and this one looks delish. It is a courgette, lime and pecan cake.

4. A courgette carbonara. This looks like it would be a great quick evening meal option...and hopefully with leftovers for lunch the next day.

5. Courgette noodles. So I have heard of people using courgette instead of pasta/noodles as a healthy option. I will be honest I am a little sceptical but this recipe does look really good so I am going to give it ago.

6. NM loves lemon cakes and so a Courgette and lemon cake sounds right up his alley

7. These courgette chocolate cakes look glad I am growing a veg that is good for chocolate cakes.

8. And then this one blew my mind...a courgette pizza base...again am not totally sure about this but I really really want to try it.