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10 places to eat in London
10 places to eat yummy food in London

We don't eat out as much as we used to but over the last year I have really realised we are so so spoilt with the amazing restaurants that there are in London. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming but there are so many places to get a truly fantastic meal. Anyway this won't be turning into a food blog or anything but since I love food so much and this is where I live, I thought I would share my 10 favourite restaurants with you in case you live in London and hadn't heard of them or are visiting and looking for a good meal. (Quite a few of them are South of the river as that is where we live!) 

1. Blanchette - oh boy - I think this has been my favourite find in London and I sort of stumbled across it with my buddy Samee. It does French sharing dishes and they are spectacular. This restaurant is small and beautifully decorated and the dishes are incredible. They are full of interesting flavour combinations and really interesting twists. And yes if you so desire you can get frogs legs (I did not desire). 

2. Mildreds - this has been a long time favourite of mine ever since my brother took me. It is an excellent vegetarian restaurant and has a great reputation. The butternut squash ravioli with mushroom sauce is one of the favourite dishes I have ever had. 

3. Ben's Canteen - I love going to this place with friends for brunch or dinner. They do comfort food totally spot on in a really hip and fun environment. Check out the macaroni cheese scotch egg (!!!) and their smashed avocado on toast with chorizo, poached egg and tomatoes is a thing of beauty. They also do yummy cocktails! 

4. Boho Mexica - I adore Mexican food and this place has totally nailed it. Authentic Mexican food that tastes soooo good! They also do great cocktails and the vibe of the place is chilled and really friendly with lovely staff. 

5. Franco Manca - This is where you need to go for the best pizza. There is only a choice of 6 but oh man they do it well! This is not the sort of place you go for a romantic date night - it is busy and popular and you can't book but it is oh so worth it. Their pizza's are all made with their special sourdough.

6. Bukowski's - Brixton village is such a fun place to go for food and this is my favourite place in London for a top notch burger. Make sure you get the tobacco onions as a side - YUM! 

7. Buona Sera at the Jam - This place is really fun! It does lovely Italian food but is also pretty quirky. The actual restaurant is really small and so some of the tables involve climbing up ladders to get to them. The waiters and waitress are pretty impressive as they climb ladders delivering the food. Make sure when you book you ask for a table at the top of a ladder.

8. Flat Iron - I love it when restaurants choose one thing and do it really well. That is the case with Flat Iron - They just do one type of steak...and it is really affordable (and then some delish sides to go with it). I have never been a big steak eater and would not normally order it, but I LOVED the steak here. The restaurant is pretty small and you are all kind of crammed in but this is definitely a fun place to eat. 

9. Mien Tay - These restaurants can be pretty crowded but they are popular for a reason! The food is really really good and I can highly recommend the stir fried goat with galangal! Go with friends and share, there are lots of good dishes to try! 

10. East Street - This is a great place to meet friends for a relaxed bite to eat after work. Sort of canteen style, long tables. You can get alcoholic drinks in beach buckets and they have a great sharing platter...seriously - what is not to love! 

Feel free to share in the comments any other restaurants that you love! I would love to try some new ones...and let me know if you go to any of these!

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Speck + Stone

Last week I shared some beautiful stationery that I was drooling over - well today I want to share some stunning pottery.  Speck + Stone is an online shop selling  often one of a kind ceramics and is the work of Hannah Slade Wood 'Inspired by an appreciation and want for beautiful texture, minimalism and functionality'. I seriously wish my kitchen was full of these pieces. The logo was designed by the lovely Belinda Love Lee who you might remember I interviewed last year and the styling and photography on the site is by the talented sisters Melody Hansen and Gabriela Hansen. Hannah is one seriously talented lady but also an all round lovely person too. You should follow her on instagram for beautiful and carefully considered shots of her products and get inspired by her blog. Oh yeah...and why not buy some of her beautiful pottery! DO IT.

Ortigia food market

So it probably won't come as a massive surprise that NM and I love food. NM is more of a foodie than me and seems to know so much...but he has been teaching me. Anyway the choice of a Sicily as a honeymoon destination was totally influenced by our love of Italian cuisine, and as predicted it was amazing. We ate a lot of really lovely food. One of my favourite food experiences of the holiday was discovering an amazing food market just around the corner from our hotel. We were in heaven – people offering us samples left, right and center – tables and tables full of the freshest ingredients – mountains of fruit – giant fish. Here are a few of the photos that I snapped on my phone.


This last one, was a lovely little shop in the market where they put together an incredible tasting platter for us full of different meats and cheeses from the deli with a delicious glass of wine. It was possible one of my favourite lunches of all time...and we ended up buying lots of yummy treats from that shop! Nothing like good customer service eh!

It did really make me appreciate what it a different it makes to have fresh incredients that are amazing quality. I can only dream of having a market like this to do my weekly shop in! Hope you are not all salivating too much after looking at these pics! Apologies for them not being great quality. I took them on my phone and then edited them with VSCO CAM.

Life recently
my life recently in pics

We are back! back in the real world! Sorry for the silence on the blog for the last month. Life has been full of exciting new things and adventures. We got married (the day was perfect!) we went on honeymoon (I love Sicily) we tried to organise the house a bit with our combined stuff and now we are back at work and getting used to being Mr and Mrs. Busy times. Here is a little round up of photos from my phone of the last few weeks (notice there are a lot of food pics!). I have got so many posts that I have been dying to do about the wedding, and posts about the honeymoon so expect more regular posting from now! hopefully you won't get bored! Have been missing the blogging so am really looking forward to getting back into it! Hope you all have great weekends! x

Indian Breakfast

At the weekend we were back in Cardiff sorting out some wedding things...and we went for an Indian breakfast (I had been dreaming about it for weeks). It did not disappoint. It was INCREDIBLE. admittedly a bit more than I am used to eating for breakfast and I am not sure my stomach new what had hit it but WOW. It consisted of a massive onion bhaji, bombay aloo, samosa and the most divine paratha I have ever eaten. can you tell I loved it?? haha. Next time is you are in Cardiff I would recommend checking out the Riverside Farmers Market and popping to Kimi Catering for the Indian Breakfast. (Check out NM looking pretty chuffed about his breaky!)