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Inspired by Lieke van der Vorst

An illustrator based in Eindhoven,  Lieke van der Vorst has to be one of my all time favourite illustrators. I absolutely love all of her work and can get lost in her instagram and website getting inspired (and maybe feeling insanely jealous - but I try and keep that in check!) for so long.


I really love the colour palettes she uses in her work and also the texture of her pen/pencil strokes. She has a really distinct style. I don't know why but I am always in awe of people who have a really clear style - maybe because I feel like I am never happy with mine or clear what mine is in my design work. I also like how she combines human and animal characters in her pieces - it adds an element of fun and whimsy to the situations depicted. I want to have tea and cake in a rowing boat with a friendly bear! 


She also has a shop where she sell prints, originals, postcards etc. There are lots of goodies in there and now I will have to have to start saving! I need to have her artwork on my walls! 

Anyway I really hope you enjoy exploring her work some more and getting lost in the beautiful worlds that she creates. 

Have a lovely and inspiring week!

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