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Goals for 2016
Liz Mosley 2016 Goals

Business Goals

1. Start a sketch book for experimenting.
This one could probably go in the personal or business goals but I have decided to put it in the business goals as I think it will have a huge benefit on my work. I hardly spend any time just doodling and playing with things that are not necessarily going to turn into something. I think working and experimenting without the pressure of a final product will be such a positive and inspiring habit to get into. I also just miss having a sketchbook - something that I am not precious about - that I can make a mess in. If it works out, I am excited about sharing some of it on the blog as it will be a bit of a behind the scenes look at the creative process.

2. Start an email newsletter. 
So, as I mentioned in my last post this is a goal that has been transferred over from the 2015 list to the 2016 list. Ideally I was hoping that newsletters would be weekly or fortnightly at least but I think to be realistic I am going to try and start off doing monthly newsletters (hopefully that will seem less scary and get the ball rolling), and then see how things go from there. I have started putting together a template in mailchimp and have used mailchimp quite a bit before so hopefully it won't take too long to get the first newsletter sorted. 

3. Re-photograph all of the stock for the shop and edit down products.
Although the way my products look and have been photographed has improved A LOT since I first started my Etsy shop there is still a lot I would like to improve about them. I want to take some time to really thoughtfully plan out how I want to present my products and take photographs that do the products justice but that also work well together to give the shop a cohesive look and style. I think I am going to have to work on my styling skills for this one and think of fun and interesting ways to make the products look their best. I also want to get rid of any products in the shop that I am not 100% happy with and make room for new designs. 

4. Define the mission and purpose of my business
My business has quite a few different aspects to it but this year I really want to come up with a clear purpose and vision for the business. I think this will really help when making decisions about what projects to pursue and work on, and which to let go as they don't fit in with my purpose. Tangibly, I want to come up with a statement that really sums up what I do and what I am passionate about. This will be something that can be on the website so that people are even clearer on what I am all about, but also something that I can keep referring to and being inspired by as I try and grow and push the business forward. 


Personal Goals

1. Learn to make Macarons.
My love for Macarons only really developed in the last few years. I think before I just thought they were over-rated but then I had some amazing ones and now I am hooked. Some friends of mine have made them and they came out so good. I have never been able to attempt them as our oven was soooo bad at heating evenly but now we have a brand spanking new oven I am going to give it a go. 

2. Learn to make my own candles.
I have done a little bit of candle making when I was a kid and it was really fun. Again my love for candles has seriously grown over the last few years and so I have always thought it would be great to make my own for me to use but also for gifts for friends and family who I know love candles too. Once I saw this Instagram from Siobhan I felt more determined than ever. This WILL be the year that I do it. 

3. Make more time to read and do things that don't involve looking at a screen.
My reading list is seriously long - when I am at home and tired I find myself lying on the sofa just automatically scrolling on my phone - it's not really anything of worth that I am looking at, I'm just stuffing my brain full of things for the sake of it. I am going to try and use this time to read a magazine or book instead. I think it is going to be a habit that takes a long time to change but I am determined to work on it!

4. Eat less sugar.
Ok I will be totally honest I don't think I will ever be the sort of person who can cut out sugar completely - but I have realised recently that I have not been making the healthiest of choices when it comes to food. I want to have treats for sure, I just want to cut down on how often they happen! (I used to joke with my husband that my life was just one big treat - because I constantly seemed to be saying the words 'I am just going to treat myself'). I also want to get creative and find healthier and tastier options to replace the daily chocolate bar. (just realised how contradictory this is with the first personal goal! ha)

Blog posts about peoples goals are some of my favourites (they are always so inspiring and I find they encourage and motivate me). So if you have shared your goals I would love to read them! Share them below.  

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insta snippets from Boston

We have had a lovely week in Boston, staying with family friends, chatting about life and exploring this beautiful city. It is nice to have been doing things in a slightly more chilled fashion after New York. We also spent a couple of days at the beach which was lovely. 

This city has got so much to offer and I would seriously love to live here at some point in my life if that was ever an option. There is so much creativity, music and culture, I think it would be a great place to live as an artist...and there is also a great foodie scene. Anyway, I will do a much longer post on what we got up to in the next few weeks. In the meantime we are heading back to London after a lovely refreshing holiday and will have the weekend to get ourselves together before going back to work on Monday! (ha, I am sure that will be a shock to the system!) 

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! 

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snippets from New York

Guys we are in New York and it has been a total whirlwind! We have only had 3 days in the city and so we have really crammed in as much as possible. My legs and feet ache but I am a happy camper! We have visited the MET, Central Park, explored so many different areas, eaten A LOT of amazing food but also burnt it all off walking (I hope!). We went over the Brooklyn Bridge, ate the best pizza I have had in my whole life (for real!) in DUMBO, listened to jazz, walked the highline and eaten some more. Anyway I will do some more in-depth blog posts in a few weeks but just wanted to give a little taste of what we have been up to. You can follow along on Instagram too if you want. We are off to Boston today for what I think will be a much more chilled week! 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

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Travelling Dreams

I think it is quite a common phenomenon for people to start planning their holidays in January. If you live in the UK the days are cold and wet and very short and so you start day dreaming about warmer climbs and travelling adventures. I certainly have been, and so I thought I would share some of my travel dreams with you. These are some of places that I am longing to go to. If I am lucky I might cross one or two off this year but most likely I will have to wait a while before visiting a lot of these places. Also some of them are places that I have been to and am longing to go back to. Anyway here we go:

1. Segovia

I lived in Segovia for a year when I was 7 and went to school and spent a lot of time doing Spanish dictations. Anyway that was over 20 years ago now and I have been wanting to go back for years. I think 2015 might be the year!

2. Bolivia

About 10 years ago I spent 4 months in Bolivia on a mission trip. I fell in love with the country and would love to go back to show NM this amazing place and also because I am sure it has changed a lot since I was there. The photo above is of the Salt Flats - all of that is salt! It is a truly incredible place.

3. Iceland

This has been on my wish list for a really long time. Lots of people seem to have been making the trip in recent years. I love the idea of renting a remote cottage, hiring a car and just exploring.

4. Faroe Islands

I found out about this place from following along with photographer Tim Coulson's travel adventures with his family. It just looked so beautiful it got added to my list. 

5. Amalfi Coast

NM loves all things Italy and so do I now too. He went to the Amalfi Coast years ago and ever since I found out about it I have wanted to visit. It looks like such a magical place (lots of stairs though!)

6. Amsterdam

I have been to Amsterdam once for a day on a family holiday and I don't know why but it got under my skin. I have been wanting to go back for a couple of years now and it is also on my list of places I would love to live. Not sure how I got that from just one day, but seriously I loved this place!

7. Salvation Mountain

Ok this is not a city or a country and I think it is in a desert in America somewhere but doesn't it look insane. Ever since I have seen pictures of this place by various bloggers I follow I have wanted to go there, especially since it is basically a massive work of art which is a tribute to God with its powerful message 'God is Love'. You can find out more about it here.

8. Marrakesh

I have wanted to go to Marrakesh for ages now. We nearly went last year but it didn't really work out. Maybe a long weekend sometime in the future though. Love the thought of exploring all those souks. I have heard good things! 

9. Croatia

All these pics (click image above) by Sally Mussel White has put Croatia firmly on my list. This looks like a great country to explore. 

10. New York

What can I say - I HEART New York. I spent 3 months living there doing an internship when I finished University and I FELL IN LOVE. It is an incredible city and I desperately want to take NM because I know he will love it too. 

All of the images above are linked to their original sources...just click on the photograph. I would love to hear if you have been to any of these places or if you have any other places that you I should add to my list. I am going to have to go back to saving the pennies! 

Happy Wednesday!

looking back at 2013
2013 review
2013 review

I thought I would do a little recap of 2013 using my instragram photos. It was hard to whittle it down...and it is funny to see which months were more eventful than others. Its kind of amazing to look back and realise all the amazing things that happened in 2013 - we really had a very amazing and blessed year. We got married, went to Sicily, an adventure to Hawaii, canoing on the River Wye, lots of good times in London and making and eating lots of yummy food! Looking back is getting me really exciting for the adventures in 2014.

The Big Island

In July we travelled to the Big Island, Hawaii for a friends wedding. It was such an adventure and we had such an incredible time. I don't know what it is but Hawaii really got under our skin. We can't stop thinking about it, wishing we were there, wondering how we can get back there, and just remembering the amazing experiences we had.

We trekked through volcanic craters, snorkled with the most beautiful fish I have ever seen, saw lava flowing into the sea, ate fish taco's for the first time, saw a sea turtle chilling out on the beach, saw two friends commit to spending their lives together, ate the most incredible food at the four seasons and stayed in two beautiful cottages. Seriously it was incredible. We packed all of this into less than a week too!

The Island was unlike anywhere I had ever been! most of the time I felt like I was on another planet as it was all so volcanic. Here are a few pics of our trip and if you want to see more you can check out my vsco page. Sadly my phone died early on the trip so I lost most of the lava photos. Am still hoping I might be able to find them stored up in some cloud somewhere! (crazy!)


and a pic of NM and some details from the wedding. I don't think there are any of me! whoops. Maybe I need to raid NM's phone and see if he took any!


I have been thinking a lot recently about photography and about how I want to improve. I feel like I have got so used to just snapping pictures on my phone that I have not taken any time to actually work on improving my skills and using my SLR. I enjoy it and it would be so useful for so many things! especially this blog.  I don't really have time to do much at the moment, but I have decided that I am going to use the honeymoon - being in a new and interesting place - as an opportunity to start. I want to get better at documenting life with NM because we hardly have any photos of us together and I want to document all the adventures we go on.

These are some photos of butterflies (and a crazy caterpillar thing!) on a holiday in Colombia. We were staying on this stunning nature reserve, and Dad and I used to get up at 5 and climb up the hill on our doorstep and photograph butterflies, and then we would be rewarded by the absolutely stunning view from the top. I was pretty chuffed with how some of these came out. The top left one is particularly crisp. Not loving how the flash affected the top right one but you live and learn.

I have been going through lots of old work recently, so hoping to post up more stuff I have found soon!