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Birthday Calendar Printable (free)

I have been meaning to do some more printable's on the blog, so I figured why not make that a bit of an aim for 2015 and start as I mean to go on.

For ages I have been wanting to make myself a birthday calendar. Usually I use one of these big wall calendars by Crispin Finn which I absolutely love - but I get a bit bored of every year having to go through and put everyone's birthday's on it, so I thought I would finally put together a calendar just for birthdays that I can then use every year and that I can share with you guys too!

This calendar is so easy to print and put together. All you need is 12 x A4 sheets of paper or card (I printed it on pretty thin printer paper but you can see in the pictures where the ink has made the paper a bit wrinkly so I think I might reprint on thicker card - and hopefully then it will last longer) - Download the printable pdf from HERE and then just print it out on your A4 sheets. 

Then all you need is an A4 clipboard. I really like a nice simple one. You just clip your A4 sheets into the clipboard and it is super easy to change the month as you go along. 

And you can keep adding birthdays to it - so now there is no excuse for not remembering!

Hope you enjoy!

*please note this calendar is copyright © Liz Mosley, 2015, and is only for personal use and must not be used for re-sale or any financial gain*