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#52handlettered (Feb)

I really enjoyed the prompts from Miranti for this month's #52handlettered. I have decided to stick with the blue ink but to think more about my letter formations, style and try and vary it up a bit, and also think about adding little things to the pictures like the keys and the little hearts made out of old envelopes. At the moment I am photographing my ink creations but it is frustrating me that the backgrounds are not pure white and slightly different on each one. This is something I need to work on going forward. I guess I should probably be a bit less lazy and try scanning them. Will see if I can improve that for next month. 

I have done another round up below of some of my favourite offerings from other people. Click on the image to link through to their profiles. Happy Wednesday!

Moodboard Monday

Apparently today is known as blue Monday because its the most depressing day of the year. I can figure why people think that...what with everyone being on a bit of a downer after crimbo and desperately waiting to be paid.

But I am saying no to blue Monday, I am not blue, I am trying to focus on the little things, and making time to enjoy them. I have decided to do a blue themed moodboard for today though. Some of these photographs are so beautiful and mesmerising. 

I hope this Monday has been good to you and there was nothing blue about it.

Here are the sources - clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5/6

My Fave kitchen things (in blue)

NM is pretty excited about pimping our kitchen when we are married. He is going to organise it all and get it all neat and tidy and how he likes it. I can't wait. Our kitchen will definitely be the heart of our home, and we are so looking forward to having lots of people round to eat yummy food (made by NM) with us! I have enjoyed thinking about things that will make our kitchen even more beautiful and as usual I have found lots of cute things on etsy! seriously there is everything on there! go check them out! Also number a tea towel that gets made with a recipe written out by your grandma...or anyone i guess...what a lovely personal gift though and something that can be treasured for a long time!