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Shop Small: My wishlist

A few weeks ago I shared a shop small guide to Christmas cards - well this week is ‘my wishlist’! These are the things that I would love to get for Christmas and I think you guys will love them to and they might be inspiring as you work out what to get for friends and loved ones. I thought I would share a bit about each one - but please check out all the small businesses that I have linked below because they really are lovely and these are not the only products that they sell.

1. Sleepy Doe - Mumma Collar PJ set - I already have a set of sleepy doe pyjamas and they are seriously so comfortable. Right now my nights are spent breastfeeding so I really want a comfortable and warm set of pyjamas that button down the front for easy access. These tick ALL the boxes. They also do gorgeous kids pyjamas.

2. The Botanical Candle Co - Soy Wax Melt gift box - I have been in love with this company ever since I discovered them on instagram and bought one of their gift boxes for my sister in law. Their candles are gorgeous, their packaging is beautiful and I just love their aesthetic - everything they sell is stunning. I love the simplicity of soy wax melts and think this would be a beautiful and relaxing addition to my bedside table.

3. Claire Hill Designs - Feather Gold Charm Necklace - I am a big fan of simple gold jewellery and have been a fan of Claire Hill’s designs for a little while. I love this leaf necklace and she also has a beautiful acorn one, and I think it would look great layered with some longer gold necklaces.

4. Tilly and the Buttons - Stevie Dress Pattern - I have been wanting to try and make my own clothes for a little while but my sewing abilities are not that great, but I think this pattern from Tilly and the Buttons could be a good place to start. I love this style of dress and it is supposed to be a good pattern for beginners. All I will need to do is find the time - ha!

5. Fine Little Day - Book - Fine Little Day create such inspiring designs and products and I saw this book in a shop a few months ago and it just looked so inspiring, and full of creativity and ideas for living a creative life.

6. Young Gums - Beth Bently - I am constantly getting stuck in ruts with what meals I feed my toddler, and next year I will start weaning my daughter so thought a new kids cook book to give me some inspiration would definitely help. This one looks great and I have heard people rave about it.

7. Libby Ballard - Ceramic Travel Mug - I am not a coffee or tea drinker so haven’t got myself a reusable travel mug but my chai latte and hot chocolate intake has gone up recently so I thought it was time to stop getting throw away cups in cafes. This ceramic travel mug is gorgeous and comes with a fabric band to hold onto. Super stylish and I just love beautiful ceramic mugs.

8. Lines and Current - Mona Ring - My love for gold jewellery continues with this simple but stylish ring from Lines and Current. They have so many beautiful products but I really love all of their jewellery. This one has been on my wish list ever since I saw it.

Another thing to mention is that this week is Just a Card’s Indie Week and loads of small businesses have been posting on instagram and sharing about what they make and so if you check out the hashtags #indieweek and #justacard and you will find so much inspiration and lots of ideas for great gifts. Just a Card do such an incredible job of supporting and championing small businesses and you can find out more about their reason for existing and how you can get involved here.

Book Review: Reinventing Letterpress

Everybody seems to be loving letterpress at the moment including me. A couple of years ago I did a letterpress course and it was so fun and really interesting. Setting type seriously takes SO LONG though! It took me hours just to set the type for the words 'Happy Christmas'. There was something that I really liked about the slow process though. It is a craft and it is very hands on. I guess ever since I have been practising design it has been about the computer so to get away from the screen and try and old school printing technique was amazing. Anyway back to this book. Since letterpress printing has become so popular there are loads of people giving a modern twist to the traditional art form and that is what this book is all about. 


The book is a showcase of a whole variety of different letterpress artists. Each artist has examples of their work, and I found it so inspiring to be able to see such a wide range of different styles and designs. The cover of the book is nice and thick and feels great because of the letterpress on the cover, and I just love the pattern and printing of the end pages. It's the details that make the difference. The layout inside is simple but showcases the artwork with each artist having a page or double spread. 

If you are at all interested in design, illustration or traditional printing then I think this book is great for inspiration. I just loved seeing all the different projects and also what is possible with letterpres, and this book is just a starting place to find out more. All of these artists have websites and so you can see more of their work and also buy some! 

If you get it or already own it I would love to know what you think! 

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Book Review - Manage your day to day (volume one)

I started reading this book a few weeks ago on the recommendation of a friend and while I was reading, it inspired me to write this post about getting my attention span back. Since it is all fresh in my mind I thought I would feature it for the book review this month. 

What I loved about this book was how it was broken up into small manageable chunks and also included writing from a whole variety of really talented and inspiring people. The short essays are grouped into 4 sections: building a rock-solid routine, finding focus in a distracted world, taming your tools and sharpening your creative mind. Each section has 4 short essays and then an interview. The good things about having a book laid out like this is that it is really easy to dip in and out of and it also doesn't take long to read the whole book. I have been reading it on the bus when commuting in the morning and it has been a really inspiring way to start the day. 

I think one of the reasons that I enjoyed this book so much is because it deals with the sort of stuff that I have been thinking about a lot recently: i.e. taming your tools, and ways to work better and more effectively. It has given me a lot to mull over and think about. It also has lots of really interesting and practical suggestions to change and improve the way you do things and deal with your time and resources. 

"Just as we watch our intake of caffeine or candy or alcohol lest we become addicted, we need to conciously develop a healthy relationship with our tools – or we will lose perspective and become slaves to them"

- James Victore – Manage Your Day-to-Day

There were just so many great quotes that I wanted to scribble down and remember, the above being one of them. It is the sort of book that I will want to re-read quite a few times to really digest the content. I can imagine having it with me and picking it up to read one essay for a bit of a boost and inspiration. 

I think I have probably been a bit gushing in this review but I really can't recommend this book enough. I think if you work in any sort of creative industry you should read this book, but even if you don't I think a lot of the issues and ideas it deals with would be relevant to everyone.

Next up on my reading list is this one, which is also part of the series. Can't wait to get stuck in if it is anywhere near as good as this one. 

Hope you all have a great Friday and weekend! Our weekend has started early and we are currently in Dorset exploring Corfe Castle. It always feels so good to explore somewhere new...especially when it is this beautiful!

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Book Review - Envelopes by Harriet Russell

Over the years I have been a big fan of collecting beautiful design and illustration books. I have had to cut back on this in recent years because I am running out of space but there is nothing like holding and looking through a really beautiful design book. Recently I have been trying to look through and enjoy old books that I have had for ages but not looked at for a while, and so I thought I would start a feature on the blog where once a month I share one of my favourites. Mostly these will be books that I already own and enjoy (and are probably quite old) but every now and then I might use it as an excuse to treat myself to a new one. 

So to start the ball rolling I want to share with you Envelopes by British illustrator Harriet Russell. What I really love about this book is the sense of humour in it. The concept of the project was to challenge the postman...and see how much effort he/she would put into solving puzzles to work out what the address is. 

The book is full of beautiful envelopes created in Harriet's lovely illustrative style. I have always been a lover of snail mail and so I was immediately drawn to this book and it always inspires me to try and make my envelopes a bit more interesting. You can totally imagine these letters making the postman smile as he went about his/her day. 

The book is smallish and quite thin but has a really good hardback cover and is nicely and simply laid out inside with one envelope on each page. The end papers (below) are also a really fun detail with a collage of the insides of envelopes. I love the patterns on the insides of envelopes and have a little collection of my own (and even made some envelopes out of them) - so this totally floats my boat!

This is the sort of book that you could flick through quite quickly and that would be lovely to have laying around the house for people to pick up, it would definitely bring a smile to their faces. I think it would also make a great gift for illustrators/designers/snail mail lovers.