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Little Loves // 03

I am loving these posts. I am finding them so helpful and encouraging. They really are making me think every week about the things I am thankful for and noticing the small things. It is so good to be reminded of how blessed I am and how much there is to be thankful for each week. This weekend we had some lovely friends to stay which always makes for a good time. Last week at work I did some really long hours and so had to remind myself to notice the little good things around me more than normal as my eyes were just fuzzy and tired from looking at my computer screens for reeeaaalllly long periods of time. bleeuurrggh. Hopefully this week coming up will be a bit more chilled! Here are some little things I loved this past week.

1. These beautiful flowers from Chloe bean. I was spoilt this week with flowers from NM too. Flowers make me happy.


2. A day out with these two lovely human beings along the southbank.


3. I finally got round to planting some herbs. Lets see if I can tend and nurture these little guys. Determined to turn my black thumbs green this year.


4. I made cookies for our weekend guests and think I have found the perfect cookie recipe. Will have to give this its own little post soon.



5. blue skies and beautiful views in this beautiful city I call home.


6. This was an epic and fairly healthy brunch. My new favourite place is Ben's Canteen on St Johns Hill. I am going to be recreating this yumminess very soon!