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I have been thinking a lot recently about photography and about how I want to improve. I feel like I have got so used to just snapping pictures on my phone that I have not taken any time to actually work on improving my skills and using my SLR. I enjoy it and it would be so useful for so many things! especially this blog.  I don't really have time to do much at the moment, but I have decided that I am going to use the honeymoon - being in a new and interesting place - as an opportunity to start. I want to get better at documenting life with NM because we hardly have any photos of us together and I want to document all the adventures we go on.

These are some photos of butterflies (and a crazy caterpillar thing!) on a holiday in Colombia. We were staying on this stunning nature reserve, and Dad and I used to get up at 5 and climb up the hill on our doorstep and photograph butterflies, and then we would be rewarded by the absolutely stunning view from the top. I was pretty chuffed with how some of these came out. The top left one is particularly crisp. Not loving how the flash affected the top right one but you live and learn.

I have been going through lots of old work recently, so hoping to post up more stuff I have found soon!