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Moodboard Monday // Cake

I have been getting really into baking recently. While cooking stresses me out, I find baking relaxing and enjoyable (as long as there is no time pressure!). I think I am doing pretty well on the taste front with my baking but what I haven't mastered is making my bakes look really pretty. I have seen so many STUNNING cakes on pinterest, and I always wish I could whip up something like that for a friend for a birthday (or wedding even??!!) - but alas so far it has not happened yet. These are a few of my favourite looking cakes and what I am working towards. I have never done a tiered cake before and that is definitely something I would like tackle in 2014.

Anyone else got any baking aspirations?

1. Sponge cake with berries 2. Orange and poppy seed cake 3. Carrot cake with Maple Cream Cheese Frosting 4. Raspberry Cheese Cake with Pistachio Crust 5. Mint Wedding Cake 6. Raspberry Cake