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Shop update: Father's Day Cards
FathersDay01 copy.jpg

Guys, Father's Day is quite a way away yet but I wanted to give you all enough time to get your card orders in and if you are anything like me maybe you like to get this sort of thing sorted as early as possible! There are four Father's Day cards now available in the shop

It is always interesting to me that the card I think will be the most popular often isn't and it actually ends up being another! Which one is your favourite?


The cards are up in the shop now if you want to check them out! The shop will be closed during the first two weeks of June but there is plenty of time before and after that to get your card order in. 

Hope you have a lovely Wednesday!

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Etsy shop launch

Happy Sunday! I am so excited to be able to finally share with you my etsy shop! I have been working on it for quite a while now and the day has finally come to launch it! Head over there now if you are interested in typographic prints, greetings cards and envelopes made of old maps! I am planning to keep adding things to it every couple of weeks so it should be worth checking back every now and then too!

While stocks last I will be giving away a free tote bag with every order over £20 - so if you see anything you fancy get in there quick! The tote bag has the slogan 'Off on an adventure - back soon' on it and was hand drawn by me with an illustration of a bike. There are 20 of these tote bags so get in there before they are all gone. 

Over the coming months I am also planning to do a giveaway and some promo codes so keep checking back here on the blog and on twitter to find out what is going on and maybe snag yourself a cheeky discount! 

Anyway I am so happy to finally be properly involved in the wonderful etsy community (I have dabbled a bit in the past but am taking it a lot more seriously this time!). I would love to hear from you, so feel free to get in touch if you would like anything at a different size or if you would like me to work on a custom order for you! Check out the new shop here.

Have a great week! 

My Favourite Valentines Cards

Being the organised sort of girl I am, I thought I would start investigating valentines cards (its only a month away!). I think I might make my own this order to fulfill my 'do more with less' motto and who doesn't love a handmade card...but I had a little peruse on etsy anyway to see what treats I could find. These are my favourites...and number 1 sums up my sentiments exactly. Ha. And number 8 is my ALL TIME favourite. I gave that one to NM when we were first going out. Find them here: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8

Letterpress - The Final Week!

Ahhhh I am so sad that the letterpress course is over. It has been such a good 6 weeks. 3 hours a week in the basement studio playing with type has been such a lovely and peaceful escape from the everyday business of my life right now. So for my last session I became a bit of a machine and printed loads of Christmas cards. I am really chuffed with how they came out. Usually I am not a fan of sending Christmas cards but this year I am really excited about it. I can't tell you how satisfying it is when you pull the roller across and you don't know how the print is going to come out (trust me there was a lot of variety!) and the ace feeling when it looks really good. I think the thing I have learn't most about this process is that in a discipline like this, where you are working with your hands -  things just often don't work out how you expect, but that has been amazing. The chance to play and it be ok if you make mistake...but also the happy accidents. That is something that I don't really get to do much even though my job is creative, because there are always really tight deadlines. The other things I played around with was thermography powder. You put it on wet ink, blow it with a hot air gun and it raises and goes all glossy. It turned out really cool. Anyway if after all my wittering about letterpress you fancy doing a course I couldn't recommend it enough. Check out St Brides Foundation for more info. (sorry the photos are not great quality. was quickly snapping on my phone while I was covered in ink...I even got in on my face. classic)