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A weekend in Clifton (Bristol)

Warning - this post is mostly about food! Last month we spent a weekend in Bristol (staying in Clifton), for our second wedding anniversary. I used to visit Bristol a lot when I had a friend studying at university there but it had been a long long time since I had been and I was really looking forward to exploring the city again. While we were there, there seemed to be some sort of morris dancing competition going down - so there were morris dancers on every corner which I loved! NM did some pretty thorough restaurant research before we went so we ate very very well and I thought I would share with you the places we visited in case you find yourself in the area! 

Flinty Red > We went here on the first night and the thing that struck me most was how lovely, friendly and helpful the staff were. This restaurant had a chilled vibe but they were doing really interesting things on the food front, and we enjoyed everything that we tried. I have to say I think the polenta chips were my favourite. 

Bagel Boy > OH MAN - I love a good bagel and this place did not disappoint. We went here for lunch and there was so much choice. NM opted for a classic smoked salmon and cream cheese but on seeing my beast he was a bit disappointed he hadn't gone for something more exotic. In mine I had halloumi, roasted peppers, leaves and pesto mayo. We had sweet potato chips and coleslaw on the side and it was a feast!

St Nicholas Street markets > We didn't actually eat here but this was just around the corner from Bagel Boy and we wandered through. There were loads of delish looking food stalls and some cool crafty shops too! Definitely worth a look round, and if we weren't on the hunt for bagels I think we would have eaten here for sure. 

The Apple > After wandering around the city centre we stopped at The Apple which is a boat moored up, with a bar inside and is famous for its cider. I am not a big cider fan, but NM enjoyed his and I had a pimms. It was really nice to take a break from all the walking in the sunshine and watch the world go by. Actually quite a few stag and hen do's went by which proved entertaining. 

Amoeba Cocktail Bar > We went here late on Saturday afternoon before it got really busy and luckily for us it was happy hour! We had some delicious cocktails. We stuck to one each but there were so many on the menu that I would happily have tried. There is a nice decked outdoor area at the back. This bar is right in the heart of Clifton village.

Bells Diner and Bar Rooms > I have to say this restaurant was the total winner of the whole weekend. If I had to recommend just one place of all the ones we visited this would be it. The restaurant was very unassuming and was on the corner of a road in the middle of a residential area. Probably not the sort of place you would stumble across if you were visiting. The decor was fun and quirky with lots of vintage trinkets all over the place. The menu was sort of tapas style and it was SOOOO yummy. I am desperate to go back here and try some of the things we didn't get to try. One of the surprise highlights for me was the imam bayildi which I had never had before. I think the menu changes pretty often but I feel pretty confident after what we tried that there would always be amazing treats on their menu.

The Farm Cafe > We went to this cafe for breakfast and went for the granola and it was just perfect. I enjoyed every mouthful and now I am determined to try making my own again and see if I can get it as good as this. NM had scrambled egg on toast with chorizo which was a winner too!

Spicer and Cole > We actually visited two of these. One on Saturday when we stopped in for a coffee and then on Sunday we went to a different one for lunch. They're cool cafe's with yummy looking food that didn't disappoint - we went for a sausage roll, amazing bowl of salad and a sandwich. Simple but delicious!

Papersmiths > This is totally not a food place but is the most beautiful stationery shop that you ever did see. See the pic below to work out if this is your sort of thing...but if you are into beautifully designed magazines, notebooks and stationery tools then this is a place not to miss. I could have spent ALL of my money in here but was very restrained and just came away with a cute little map of burger places for our trip to New York. 

I know it looks pretty much like we just ate and drank our way around Bristol which is kind of true (we are gastro tourists for sure!) but we also did some other stuff. We lay in a park in the sunshine chatting about life and the future, we explored Clifton Suspension Bridge and went down to this pretty cool cave that had a great view of the bridge. We walked all along the harbour area - lots of walking basically. Food and walking that is totally how we roll! Below are a few more pictures from our trip! 

Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday! 

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