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Well I am back. I have had a little break (well quite a long one actually) from the blog and now I am back with a newly designed website/blog and am about to launch my etsy shop any day now. I have been working hard making, photographing and listing - honestly. Anyway I thought since I had disappeared for a while i would catch up with a 'currently' post and then get back into regular posting from now on. So here we go...

Making: greetings cards. Only done a few so far but am really enjoying creating my own designs

Cooking: Fish Taco's!!! We had these when we were in Hawaii and now we have a little recipe of our own and they are yummy. 

Watching: Damages...someone lent us the box set and NM and I are getting seriously addicted. Its a bit gory in places though and some of my dreams have been a bit weird as a result!

Reading: Life has been so busy recently I am reading pretty slowly - still on 'One thousand gifts' by Ann Voskamp - but still loving it and still loving the tag line. I would like to make it into a print actually as a reminder! 'A dare to live fully right where you are'.

Wearing: Still managing to go out without a coat but there is definitely an autumnal feel in the air. I think it will be time for boots and scarfs soon. 

Noticing: that we are in a weird phase of life right now where everything seems to be changing. Well not for us so much but for a lot of people around us. Its a little unsettling, but exciting too! 

Thinking: about work work work and more work. Seriously my brain is rammed packed...every day I feel like things are just dropping out of there...but am thankful for my notebook and a good list

Grateful: for weekend lie in's...seriously don't think I could get through the week without that chance to catch up on some extra zzz's 

Starting: to look forward to Christmas...I know everyone is going to be horrified...but I LOVE Christmas! 

Obsessed: Still with avocado's - I can't get enough of those bad boys...and not sick of them yet.

Looking: forward to getting stuck in the etsy shop. I know I keep going on about it but it really is going to launch very soon! Keep your eyes peeled.

Wishing: every now and then that I was lying in the field pictured above watching the clouds with not a care in the world. Life is pretty good though...but I guess a little more cloud gazing would be nice.

Enjoying: baby cuddles, sooo nice to have them and then be able to give baby back! 

Dreaming: about romantic strolls in Venice next month with NM