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Inspired by Rocio Montoya

Ever since I discovered Laura from cardboardcities blog, I have wanted to experiment with creating my own collages. (Aren't Laura's collages and patterns awesome!).

Anyway a little while ago on Fubiz I stumbled across the work of Rocio Montoya and fell even more in love with collage as an art form and now I am determined to have a go. I think what I would like to do is around the beginning of each month share an artist that is inspiring me and then use that as a catalyst to experiment and try different mediums out that I am not that used to. It may end up that what I create turns out to be not that good, but I like the idea of using this space to document my attempts. So later in March look out for some of my own collage attempts. 

In the mean time enjoy and be inspired by Rocio Montoya's work

I really love how she combines black and white photographs with nature elements that are in colour. They are just so beautiful and dreamy. I especially love the composition of the image above with the rose falling down below the bottom of the black and white image. 

I like the intrigue that is added to the image above with cutting out their faces and parts of their bodies. It makes you wonder who they are and what they were doing.

To see more of Rocio Montoya's work check out her website

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