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Inspired by: Virginia Echeverria Whipple

I wonder if collage is one of those things that people look and think 'well I could do that' - but I really think there is such a skill to it. You need to have a real talent at composition and colour to get the piece looking just right. Yes most people can glue and stick, but that is not enough. 

Virginia Echeverria Whipple
Virginia Echeverria Whipple

I was really blown away by some of these pieces of work by Virginia Echeverria Whipple. I find the images and colours that people find and then put together to make something new so interesting. I guess collage is the ultimate form of recycling. 

Virginia Echeverria Whipple
Virginia Echeverria Whipple

I have picked some of my favourites below that really struck me but you can check out more of her work here. I really like how her website is set up in collections of work - so you can see how things have developed and progressed in her work over time!

Virginia Echeverria Whipple
Virginia Echeverria Whipple
Virginia Echeverria Whipple
Virginia Echeverria Whipple


Collage is on my never ending list of things I want to try out and experiment with - if it ever happens I promise I will share it here! Have you seen that Laura from Cardboardcities has set up a new instagram account called collagescraps? Check it out it is a colour explosion.

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Colour inspiration from Kew Gardens

The other weekend we had family staying and the weather was really good so we decided to head off to Kew Gardens for a picnic and explore, which did not disappoint. There was just so many beautiful things to see and I loved it. I hadn't been since I was really young but I definitely want to go again soon. I think each season is quite different at Kew so it will be fun to go at different times of the year to see how the plants have changed. 

Anyway, as I was looking through all of the photos that I had taken I was really struck by the incredible colours. I am always on the hunt for interesting and beautiful colour palettes to use in my work so I thought it would be interesting to take some of my photos and put together some colour palettes from them. 


I really enjoyed using these images as inspiration for colours and really like how some of the colour palettes came out. They are definitely the sort of thing that I would use in my work. I think what I might do over the next few weeks is pick one of these images each week and then create a bit of work using the colours that I chose. I will definitely share them here. I will probably experiment with some patterns and some hand lettering. 

I have been thinking recently that I want to create work that isn't for anything in particular but that is just about experimenting and having fun. 

Hope you are enjoying all the Autumn colours around at the moment. Happy Wednesday!

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While we were in Venice we visited the islands of Burano and Murano. Both were beautiful and it was a great day out, but the one that really stood out was Burano. The island is not big at all (you could probably walk around the whole island in about 30 minutes) but it is absolutely full of striking brightly coloured houses and quaint canals. We were there on a glorious sunny day and it was just amazing. I found it really inspiring because the colour combinations were just so bold, and every little corner made you want to take a photograph.  Burano is famous for lace, and in the olden days (not as much now) lace was a big Venetian export and this was where it was made. It was also a fishing village and the story goes that the fisherman painted their houses different bright colours so that they could spot them easily while they were out at sea. I'm not sure that is the reason anymore, it's probably more to attract tourists, but it really is lovely.

As I mentioned in this post, the concentration of tourists in Venice is pretty high, and on Burano it is even higher. It's such a tiny island and basically the vaparetto is full of people planning to wander around the brightly coloured streets.

Here are some of the photos I took. I really love how some of them came out so I think I might print and frame some and have a little set to go on the wall. They would definitely brighten up any room! 

Happy Monday!

My Favourite Hair Accessories

Recently I have been trying to work out what to do with my hair for the wedding. This has resulted in a lot of time perusing hair accessories on obviously I have put together a little round up of my fav's! What do you think? Are any of these wedding worthy? I am loving number 1, very simple but looks great, 5 is awesome because who can resist a bow AND polka dots (probably not for the wedding though) 6 I love but mainly because that girl is rocking AWESOME hair! and 7 well the colours are ace. Don't feel like I am any closer to making a decision so if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions feel free to comment below. In the meantime find all of these beauties here: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8