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The art of communication

Yesterday at marriage class we learnt about the importance of communication in relationships. So basically I am super selfish and interrupt all the time because I want to say what I have to say instead of listening to what NM has to say....and then NM always tries to give advice and fix the problem...when actually all I want is for him to listen to how I am feeling about a situation. Its pretty interesting learning how different we are and how we need different things to feel loved and happy.

So now my challenge is to be a better listener. To let NM say what he needs to say at his own pace and to be patient while he says it. Its not going to be easy! But I am determined to get better at it. This verse from James will be a good reminder. (I also wanted to play around with this new font I bought yesterday!)

We also talked about how communication doesn't always have to be verbal. I am going to write more letters this year. I still believe that getting lush post is way better than an email.