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Have you heard of Creative Mornings? If not you need to. They have just created a beautiful new website. (seriously hot stuff!) It is a breakfast lecture series for creative people and is happening in 57 cities around the world. Now I haven't actually made it to one of the London creative mornings yet, but boy have I been making the most of the website. All of the talks from all of the cities are filmed and put up on the website and each month there is a different theme. I am slowly working my way through them and they are so inspiring. I have gotten into the habit of maybe once a week watching a talk while I eat lunch at my desk. I have discovered some incredible creative people, seen some wonderful work and been made to think. Today I watched a talk by Mig Reyes and it was frankly brilliant. I have been reminded that ugly is part of the process and maybe beautiful isn't always the point. I think we do all get a bit fixated on making everything beautiful all the time. I guess as designers that is what we are taught to do, but actual Mig is right. Ugly is part of the process and so is breaking things and making mistakes, I am going to try and be less ashamed in future of the ugly things that I create, because to be honest its all part of learning and becoming a better designer.

CreativeMornings with Mig Reyes from CreativeMornings/Chicago on Vimeo.

A few of my other faves have been:

Jessica Hisch

Lisa Congdon

Nick Cambell

Happy Friday! Hope you all get inspired over the weekend! Will be posting another interview next week which I am excited about...keep an eye out!

Give thanks

I saw this illustration by Ana Victoria Calderon the other day and I love it - it was such a good reminder to give thanks. I think sometimes I get so wrapped up in the things I want and the things that I want to do...and the people all over the place that I compare myself to that I forget to just stop - stand still for a minute and just give thanks for all the incredible blessings that I do have! Here are some of the things that I am thankful for at the moment.

1. A husband who makes me yummy food, looks after me and is pretty awesome

2. A cute house full of potential to make a lovely home

3. An incredible family who I want to hang out with all the time

4. A job with totally awesome colleagues

5. Creative friends who inspire me

6. Friends who speak truth into my life

7. That I get to live in London with so many cool things to do

8. An amazing church family who love and support me

9. Lots of creative ideas and daydreams

10. Jesus (he is obvs number 1)

so making that list has made me realise that what I am MOST thankful for are the people in my life. The other things are awesome too but the people really make life good. Thank you God for all the amazing blessings you have given me - let me never take anything for granted!